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I suspect writing is over for the night because, ironically, I am thoroughly distracting myself with images of my coyote muse being "motivating".

I’d ask my muse to help me write this episode faster, but I think she’d “help” in some very distracting way

A vegetarian pizza counts as a salad, right?

For whatever it's worth, I'm hopeful about going back to cons as soon as TFF in March—not because I'm ignoring science, but because I'm following it rather obsessively. I'll be surprised if this surge isn't over by early February.

On the positive side, I’m sitting outside at a brewery in Walnut Creek with a double IPA. It’s a cool 54°F, the patio is heated and the sun has come out. Things are pretty good. 🍻

Episode #35 is being really tough to write. (I am already strongly tempted to make its preview byline “Everything changes, again.”)

Due to the traveling on Monday, I waited until today to give myself a rapid Covid test, and it’s come back negative. Yay! Now time to…see if I can find more rapid test kits (ha).

My next honey badger character will be a shy, gentle research librarian, just to mess with the stereotype

Good: I'm getting way more recruiter contacts out of the blue looking for fully remote technical writers, which is great if I need to switch jobs due to a move later this year. Bad: they are all from new blockchain startups.

VCs! I only want a mere $100M first round investment for my revolutionary new crypto web3 blockchain metaverse shopping system, the <form> tag! Who’s in

“Moira” #32 is up on Fur Affinity: As Ms. Parker’s doubts grow, she has an illuminating—and unsettling—conversation with Agent One.

Agent One wishes to express her disapproval that Fur Affinity’s species dropdown makes room for “Crayfish” and “Tapir” but not “Honey Badger”. (I am sure she will just send a polite complaint letter. That’s totally her style.)

Furry creators need agents to roughly the same degree that sharks need scuba gear.

I am hoping the airline doesn't check the weight limit on this backpack, because I am suspicious. Also unlike the flight out this one looks like it will be full, even overbooked, yay (not yay)

I am not suggesting that readers should be ready for rough moments coming up in “Moira,” but I am not not saying that

The best stories almost always have difficult, uncomfortable, or challenging moments. Furry/macro stories are not exempt from this.

So thrilled about flying cross-country tomorrow. Do planes have outside seating

102 words today. Well. Blah blah blah vacation.

I am making pizza with pepperoni and pineapple again

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