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It is possible I have started noodling in Twine. (It is possible I will noodle faster when I am able to type without pain again.)

Just got a meeting invite that was "3:30pm: let's align before 4:30pm meeting" and I can't even

Slightly crazy idea: if I actually pursue a vignette about the digital predator skunk girl, write it in Twine

Really struggling with a "I responded to three questions on Slack before lunch, that's more than enough work today" mood lately

Don't let anyone stop you from being a happy queer monster

Muse: the digital skunk girl is going to stay in your head until you write about her
Me: You don’t know that.
Muse: it’s so cute you think you have a choice

TikTok has a strange fascination with cooking videos made by people who have never heard of “seasoning”

Image now stuck in my head: a seductive pixel-art skunk in a banner ad with the caption “Click to be mine.” Each time the ad appears, she’s bigger, more insistent. Run an ad blocker and she’s still there, bigger still, licking her lips. “Naughty naughty.”

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I still vaguely want to come up with a digital predator character; the last thoughts I had about one zigzagged into being Saffron the cyberjackal, who’s something else (albeit something else I kinda have a crush on).

This is a pretty good brewery, but they get extra points now that I realized I’m currently listening to a bluegrass version of Pink Floyd’s “Time”

This is a day for trying to rebalance by secretly driving off into the fall weather that Northern California supposedly doesn't have. I get it, it's not Vermont.

A review of the “Foundation” TV series described it as Foundation fanfic. That’s true, except that the fannish “what if” isn’t “what if we shipped these two,” it’s “what if Asimov cared enough about characters we could even consider shipping them”

Everyone’s favorite traditional Halloween game, “Bobbing for Micros”

Today was a better day overall, although I’m having a bit of a shoulder pain flareup now. Tossup between whether that or thoughts of playful giant coyote’taur will be what keeps me awake. Hopefully the latter.

My shoulder and back have really been hurting. My muse suggested she could give me a massage, but the glint in her eye makes me a bit nervous

My Halloween macro story, “Coyote Sky,” is now up on Fur Affinity. (A day earlier than I’d planned, but it makes some logistics easier to work out!)

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