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“Heavy Forces,” a macro cyberpunk story (featuring Saffron the jackal), is now up on Fur Affinity!

My “ADHD hyperfocus” doesn’t come up all that often anymore, but realizing I was up until 1am yesterday (when I wake up at 6:30am) working on a “How to make prettier PDFs” document makes me suspect I still do it at times…

Why yes, I do believe that making a pretty PDF of a story about a giant jackal woman is a worthy use of my on-the-clock time, thank you for asking. Please take any complaints to the giant jackal woman.

I am taking a long escape weekend starting Thursday. Given that just opening the work laptop has me thinking “…or instead of doing any of this, I could just walk off into the wilderness,” it’s probably a good call.

Despite always advising people not to post stories PDFs if they can avoid it, I’m tempted to post PDFs of some stories because I haven’t done print layout in a long time and I am the kind of dork who misses it

Conversations with characters:

Me: Long ago I joked about you eating a limo, but I don’t think that actually fits in the story.
Diana: Oh, but who’d really want to see a giant black sheep woman eating a car?
Diana: Ohhhh~

I was today years old when I learned I should write “a ewe,” not “an ewe”. (Please move your pretty but threateningly positioned giant hoof, Diana. NO NOT MOVE DOWN)

Yes: using the word "bleat" in a sentence
But: the sentence is "She can't get enough breath to bleat before she starts to fall."

I think that’s a good ending for this episode? Argh. I keep telling myself that getting through hard-to-write scenes is leveling up the writing skill…

A cute digital predator who eats people trading NFTs

This scene is being so hard to write, and if it’s done right it probably won’t look that way at all. The subtle stuff always seems to be the most challenging…

It is not fair for a scene from one of my own stories to be turned into an illustration that stomps me flat.

I have a perverse desire to go to an incredibly generic chain restaurant like Olive Garden for lunch. 🍝

Me: There should be no more things that surprise me in “Moira."
Muse: really
Me: I mean, there’s room for small things, details I haven’t plotted out, but I know all the major plot points.
Muse: but what if I *throws curveball*

This morning I’m only at −3 words! (I actually ended yesterday with around 580.) Still in the process of navigating a tense conversation between a black sheep and a silver vixen. Having that undercurrent of “either of these women could easily level a city” is fascinating.

I usually try not to have crushes on my own characters* but my brain remains stuck on the image of Arilin in black stockings and lingerie.

*This is manifestly untrue.

Well, after a half-hour writing sprint, I am now at −27 words for the day.

I know IPAs are no longer trendy, but (looks left and right furtively) they’ve kinda become my favorite beer style now that brewers aren’t just going for “what’s malt have a glass of pure effin’ hops”

One advantage to now having firmly set “Moira” in a furry version of our world is getting to leverage the real world for dumb jokes, whether it’s Moira getting Dunkin’ Donuts or the inevitability of a Vox article titled “Celestial Capital, Explained”

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