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Okay, wandering to this brewery to kickstart this vignette was (a) a good idea because I really did get going on it, but (b) a bad idea because I feel like it is going to get way too saucy for me to be comfortable writing in public.

Handy chef’s tip: do you need an easy way to re-season a cast iron skillet? Drop it off at a thrift store and buy a brand new preseasoned one!

The problem with writing a rampaging giant scene is it kind of puts me in a mood for rampaging giants

Me: I’m going to have to do some serious cutting on this episode to get it down to expected length.
Muse: you are adding a lot of superfluous detail about a rampage here
Me: I mean, technically, but…
Muse: let me suggest a few more superfluous details
Me: All ears.

I may now be thinking of Saida being an edible squeak toy for a giant demon mouse girl. Or two giant demon mouse girls.

Sometimes there's a choice between a single evocative sentence that makes you picture a scene, and explicitly writing it out, making the action concrete and visceral. I think I'm changing the last bit of this from the former to the latter…

Critic Glen Weldon referred to "Cruella" as "The Devil Wears Pongo", and 👩‍🍳💋

Work computer issues are preventing me from sneaking out early. I should have known to just take it with me to the bar and start debugging there

Researching sailing frigates and realizing that, yes, I probably could have achieved the necessary level of knowledge by just rewatching “Pirates of the Caribbean” and taking a few notes

Well, I’ve broken my temporary writers’ block, I think, although this is going to be another episode that may make readers go “wait, what?” 🏴‍☠️

Thinking of flower-coyote women again. Well, one specifically. 🌻

I might be irritated/frustrated enough to get back to writing about people cavalierly eating Saida again

I’d almost have preferred to have been laid off, if there’d been a generous severance package. This is a realization I’m going to have sit with a bit. Hm. (Meanwhile, I’m fortunate enough to have retirement savings I’ll go neurotically review now.)

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This is apparently going to take the wind out of my sails for a while. I should start being nicer to recruiters.

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Said news is: my boss gave *his* two weeks’ notice yesterday. This is not a good thing; he’s been a really good manager—and it doesn’t sound like they’re going to hire a replacement, so my remaining coworker and I will have a significantly higher workload.

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Boss: Hey, can we do our 1-on-1 now?
Me: I'm out at lunch. We can skip if it's easier.
Boss: No worries. Just wanted to share some news that affects the team.
Me: Uh. We can do it over Slack?
Boss: We'll catch up later.
Me: *worries*

I have had six tasters of beer that don't add up to a full two pints and I am feeling a little loopy, which means I am losing my alcohol tolerance, which means I am SO OLD goddammit

Me: Lily Parker is such a fascinating villain-questionmark to write.
Muse: is that because she is a super-hot digitigrade silver vixen giantess in sandals and a smashing business suit
Me: No.
Muse: by which you mean yes
Me: Yes.

Seeing a new microbrewery near where I'm staying called “Thin Line Brewing Company,” which I will not visit but makes me want to see someone open “The Antifa Hops Cooperative” two doors down

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