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Hmm. My plan to be able to attend a company-wide virtual meeting using my personal laptop has been foiled by not having the meeting request show up on Teams. Oh well.

I have reviewed a pull request from this remote location to make it look like I’m actually working. ✨

So, absolutely don't hold me to this, but it feels like tomorrow's Moira episode (the quieter aftermath from last episode's fireworks) is the end of the first act. Or season, to stretch the metaphor. So we're *probably* about a third of the way through.

Okay, I think I’m squeaking by under my self-imposed story chapter deadline. I also want to rebuild the GC web site in a way that makes it easier to blog there about the occasional furry topic, using a tool that doesn’t make me hate it like Lektor increasingly does.

Okay, this time it actually works. We now return you to your regularly scheduled [platform-specific cutesy name for microblog posts].

Trying one more time to kick into crossposting from Mastodon to Twitter (and vice-versa), this time by deleting my moa account and starting over.

@moaparty is cross-posting between Twitter and Mastodon working yet? Neither direction works for me, and I've reauthorized both my and my Twitter account with

So I'll try again to see if, the Mastodon/Twitter crossposter I've been using, is working for me yet. This toot and/or tweet may self-destruct later.

I wonder if, the Mastodon/Twitter crossposter I've been using, is back up yet…

Realizing that episodes 10–15 of Moira all take place on the same day.

Still strongly advocating for an "anyone who just reads their slide deck verbatim in the meeting gets eaten" policy

After it was pointed out that I should probably add previous/next link codes to the Moira episodes posted on FA, I have spent too much time working on a spreadsheet to generate the codes given a list of episode IDs. Yes, I like spreadsheets. No, YOU shut up.

Starting to consider—again—that I should find another title for the Moira "show" other than "Moira," particularly as we get into episodes where Moira doesn't even appear. Hmm.

The episode draft was finished earlier today. Now to see if I can find a way to get it much tighter. And, uh, more titled.

This episode of Moira is becoming very long. I usually aim for around 2000; this is 3100 and not quite finished.

This scene I'm working on is getting a little Lovecraftian. (I mean a touch of cosmic body horror, not racism.)

Okay, while my weather app claims it’s still 68°F here, I’m pretty sure it’s dropped about 15 degrees from that in the last half-hour. Moving to finish this second and last beer sitting under a patio heater.

You know, I can’t quite match voices of the main characters in “Moira” to voice actors yet, but in my head, villainess Lily Parker is very clearly voiced by Olivia Williams. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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