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Watching a movie with my mom is kind of like watching a movie with an easily distracted ten year old: “What are they saying?” “Why did that happen?” “I don’t understand.”

Semi-real talk: a guy I went to college with and still like, many years later, hosted podcasts with both Max Temkin and John Roderick. The former continues sans Max; I wonder about the latter now…

I’m pretty sure I could teach any of my students to use a can opener in just a few minutes, with no lasting psychological damage

I am also, for the record, thinking of one Saida flashfic where a handsome mouse guy tries to shrink Saida, fails, and she gets to demonstrate that she is still actually a giant cat.

So instead my muse suggests: Saida on a crowded intra-airport monorail tram going between gates. The monorail comes to a dead stop, helpless, at the sound of an explosion. The explosion is Clover the mega-rat arriving. The monorail looks appetizing!

Oh, I can see this is going to be one of those “muse doesn’t want to work on that story now that you’re out of the house” moments. Okay, fine.

I’m remembering that when I wrote the epilogue, there were some specific bits I wanted to put in that I didn’t for some reason, and now I’m putting them back. (Minor spoiler in one word: dollhouse.)

Oh hi, obvious continuity error! Well, at least it’s minor, and nobody else who read “Saida & Autumn” caught it, either. >.>

I feel like one of the Saida misadventure flashfics should have her on a vehicle that’s being eaten, since I don’t think I’ve really tried to write a scene with that POV. Also with one or two other mega-predators. Maybe Sarah the wolf, just leaning over a city…

You know, I was preparing myself to find a lot of fault with “Saida & Autumn” as I went back to it, but…it’s actually still pretty good? A lot of “slice of life but mixed size” going on I had a lot of fun with.

As someone with a good white collar job that's (so far) survived the pandemic, I shouldn't complain, but everything about the way our once independent subsidiary is being merged into the parent company has been, if I may use a technical term, a clusterfuck shitshow.

I'm not going to say I stopped at "Foxtail Coffee" because of the name, but you all know I did, right

Well, at least I’m (mostly) able to make time to do editing on “Saida & Autumn.” Reminded that I’m actually really proud of it—and also that it’s a really different picture of Saida than the “she gets eaten by everybody” flashfics…

I am being asked Questions™ about what ultimately happened to the human protagonist in my flower-coyote story “Wildflowers,” and may have made a mistake by not responding “you tell me what YOU think happened to her.”

This restaurant is called "Tiki Docks," and it's just a little over two miles from where I lived two decades ago. As usual for Tampa it is not a real tiki bar but the food and the puka punch were both decent.

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On a riverfront restaurant deck that's almost at the top of tall palm trees, with enough shoreline space I could imagine a giant Kailani sitting there sipping a rum drink and cheerfully chatting down to patio diners who got over their nervousness.

Remembering my aborted non-macro furry story about a young vixen learning she had basically become her world's Wonder Woman. Hmm.

They just played a mariachi band cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" here. I'm pretty sure they were playing a cover of "Ghostbusters" from the same band earlier.

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