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Even after all this time, I’m still always worried what people will think when I release a new story or chapter and relieved when the reaction isn’t “huh, this is sort of terrible, cat”

In episode #9, Moira finds herself at a prosperity-gospel-style rally promoting "finding your right place." What could possibly go wrong?

My current web site doesn't handle serial stories very gracefully and I have been too lazy to see whether Lektor (the site builder I am using) can handle the problem correctly. Maybe a weekend project…

There's a new movie coming out called "Love and Monsters," but the monsters are neither lovely nor in love, so I preemptively rate it disappointing

For the record, while the working title of Episode 9 was "Rally," I think the final title will be "Low Profile."

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Okay, I think this episode is done, at least in first draft. *flop*

Sincere condolences to TikTok on their acquisition by Oracle

The next Moira episode is harder going than I sort of expected, but also going to weirder places than expected.

Why yes, today is the perfect day for DoorDash's app to send me "your order is approaching" messages 20 minutes early so I stand outside waiting in hazardously unhealthy air. Cool cool.


Came across an unfinished vignette with Arilin's muse "brainstorming" with her, the Rha shrinking as the coyote thinks aloud, and those are going to be some images as I fall asleep tonight

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Moira is a bad economics student

Oh, you're putting a downbeat, ethereal cover of a famous song in your movie trailer in the hopes everyone will go "holy shit, it *is* that song!" about 70 seconds in. That is *so* original of you!

Other than the light ash falling from the cloudless burnt orange sky of our apocalyptic world, it was a pleasant day to eat outside. Maybe I'll get a donut.

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Oh come on, I already had to reverse engineer mall chicken teriyaki, do I really have to figure out goddamn Taco Bell Mexican pizza now

It is weird, fun and unsettling to try to write a speech for a quasi-religious motivational speaker.

So, I've gotten a little written, at least. Yay? (Line of the afternoon: "She'd had a few of them around her temples back in the day; they'd all claimed to be *awfully* surprised by her disapproval in their last few moments.")

Well. With the power back off and staying off, it would be a great time for a walk if it wasn't still 99 degrees out.

The power went out *just* long enough for me to decide it wasn't coming back immediately and shut down the computer, which was running on the UPS.

It's 103° out, but the "feels like" temperature is only 101°, so THAT'S a relief

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