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In Moira's next episode, she has a…job interview? It's a conversation full of surprises for her. She doesn't always like surprises.

The next Moira piece, "Interview," is finished—the longest one yet at 2500 words in first draft. (My muse and I are admitting this is no longer really aiming for the "quick hit" feel of the mouse vignettes, although I'd prefer to come in shorter than this most times!)

Line of the moment: “She stares down with a grin so predatory dire wolves would stand and applaud.”

I am sitting down at a brewery patio table having a beer and using a computer on WiFi and it is odd how odd this

The next Moira episode is being super hard to finish. It pulls back the curtain a lot more on the world rather than just being "Moira gets annoyed." (Note: she still gets annoyed.)


Me: Whew, I'm sure glad I'm too old to go through the trauma of JK Rowling having been my favorite author and then being revealed as an increasingly banana crazypants bigot.

Ender's Game: *waves from forgotten bookshelf*

Me: *sigh*

meta-birdsite (and grocery chains) 

When you find yourself starting to correct a random dingus dismissing the grocery chain Aldi as "way too small" to ever be Walmart-like, it's time to get off Twitter for a while again. (Aldi has over 11,000 locations worldwide, and 2400 in the US—which includes both Aldi and Trader Joe's. They are, you know, not small.)


"The Thin Blue Line" goes back to the 1950s, but went mainstream with a documentary called "The Thin Blue Line" in 1988. It was about how police and prosecutors railroaded an innocent man to death row. The title was deliberately ironic.

mh (-) 

I don't mind helping my mom, who lives 3000+ miles away, house-hunt in a city ~100 miles away, but doing it in the middle of a global pandemic and the biggest civil rights protest movement in 50 years is just…kind of a lot.

It is 2020 and I am buying a DVD drive, and so it is somehow fitting that I am picking it up at Best Buy, isn’t it

Ah, work is doing a virtual standup today, which means I can virtually blow it off

I really want Detroit-style pizza right now for some reason and the closest place I know that does a credible one is two hours away and probably closed anyway

Things to do this weekend

☑️ Create sexy giant bat character
☑️ Who is not racist

I think I know where this next Moira vignette ends up, but getting there is harder than I expected—in part because it's almost all conversation.

Donating to the ACLU Foundation, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp.

I find myself waffling a lot lately about how writing LGBTQ+ positive furry/macro stories with an increasing bent toward anarchic politics seems so trivial yet…it's the thing I can *do.* It's the strange, narrow light I have to hold up.

I am pretty sure that a bunch of edits I made to the screenplay yesterday and today have just vanished. That's super cool. (They're still in pen markup on the PDF, so they're not truly lost, but this is not happy-making.)

A coworker posts a word of the day to a Slack channel and today's word was "maw." Can I use that in a sentence? Oh, you have NO idea, dear.

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