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micro/shrinking, kinda mean 

Moira's next story will be up for patrons tomorrow (and everyone else on Wednesday).

grumpy bunny (implied impending mayhem) 

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grumpy bunny (implied impending mayhem) 

So assuming BLFC 2020 really happens on its new dates, it’s going to be a lot more…wintery.

social distancing and food 

social distancing and beer 

Kind of wishing I could rally furry roleplayers back to FurryMUCK. For all of its creaky old weirdness, I love it much more than F-List. (I've long thought about trying to write a "modern" web-based MU*, but have never gotten anywhere.)

Re: the red panda, there wasn't a wrong answer, per se. The scene used "their" throughout, and that was in part to let readers see the panda the way they wanted to. (The size difference also isn't specified on purpose, although there's definitely a range implied.)

Considering a new Grumpy Bunny vignette set at a grocery store, entitled "15 Items or Less."

not exactly COVID-19 but 

mh (-) 

story poll 

My working theory: avoid crowds, but visit cocktail bars, because alcohol kills viruses

Muse: what’s this you’re working on
Me: Kani’s back story. I think I need to do more world-building, too.
Muse: I thought you were trying “discovery writing”
Me: What I’ve discovered is that I need some damn back story.
Muse: fair enough

Today will be a fight between "I shouldn't go out anywhere in public" and "going out to small independent places occasionally is good because they'll need all the business they can get the next few weeks"

I have brought my mechanical keyboard and trackpad back from the office, so I can keep working after all.

In my attempt to work through my mild-ish depression with guides from a care provider, I'm trying to keep a mood diary and daily gratitudes. Coming up with something new to be grateful for each day without sounding unduly materialistic is harder than I would have imagined. (Which is maybe a sign of the depression?)


Yes, I did stomp the conference room to rubble, but I had no choice - someone used "net net" non-ironically

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