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cocktail failure 

Argh, somehow my Mastodon client ate the punchline for that photo, which defeats the entire point. Sigh. I reallllly wish the Twitterrific folks would have gone through with Tooterrific…

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blatant macro 

Me: This part of Savina's characterization needs work.
Muse: *scribbles suggestion*
Me: Oh. That could fix it!
Muse: see, I just have to think like a giant rampaging dragon-coyote
Me: How?
Muse: method acting
Me: Uh—
Muse: you didn't need that suburb, did you

Making notes on what to fix in the next draft of the Red Savina screenplay. I would still love to see it done as a graphic novel—I wonder if that's a reasonable IndieGogo project. Hmm. (Assuming I could find an artist willing to go in on it, which is a big ask.)

@azure sounds neat! One of the ones in our flights was a dry blueberry mead. But still Apple, not maple. :)

I am not saying this banana mead with macadamia nut, coffee, cacao, and vanilla is good, I am just saying I could bathe in it

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The next part of Kani's still-untitled story goes up in an hour or so on my Patreon ( For $3+ patrons today, releasing to the public in 3 days.

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