Well, the temperature has dropped from 101 to 100, so probably good enough for outdoor dining, right?

It's 101 degrees Fahrenheit right now where I am, or in Celsius, "Christ go inside you idiot"

Already tired of house hunting today and I haven't actually started. (Please, no macro jokes in response, they'll just make me wearier.)

One could argue the screenplay supports the notion that Red Savina has although perhaps they are more anarchist.


I have tried Soylent and must report that it does not contain any people unless you add them yourself

Looking at a final editing pass for "Red Savina" and debating whether to just say "sorry, the dragon-coyote ate my notes" and publish as is

Since I snuck this post out on the holiday, a repeat: the next Moira episode is up and unlocked. (On FA when, uh, I make time.) patreon.com/posts/moira-6-potl

Me: It's starting to feel like I'm doing short episodes of an ongoing web TV serial.
Muse: Moira is assembling a team
Me: Kind of.
Muse: against corporate villains
Me: Well, in a sense…
Muse: it's "Leverage" but with macro furry goddesses
Me: I…um…hmm.

burned furs meta 

@IceWolf I don't think Iron Circus is remotely anti-kink. Squee Rat was, I think, only 16 when she kicked off the Burned Furs (something a lot of people may not know now!), and I suspect felt like it was really hard to escape the porn—although I suspect she was also a bit more conservative/sheltered. She seems to studiously avoid talking about anything furry now, although she's involved with an upcoming furry animated short.

burned furs meta 

The weirdest thing about the BFs is that their most infamous poster children, Eric Blumrich and Charla "Squee Rat" Trotman, seem to have gone progressive/left politically post-fandom. Blumrich worked on the web sites for Code Pink and the Kucinich campaign and became briefly famous for strident anti-Bush Flash animations, and Trotman started sex-positive alternative comics publisher Iron Circus.

You will be relieved to know that my fake framework for PHP supports the critical "HTTP 418 I'm a teapot" response. I am awaiting PHP 7.1 compatible teapots for on-device testing purposes


Moira holding a Five Guys burger, but it is actually just five guys trapped on a bun

In episode 6, "Potluck," Moira realizes she needs to check up on the goddesses she's cavalierly uplifted—and starts with Diana the sheep, who is not as pleased with her new powers as you might think. patreon.com/posts/moira-6-potl

@IceWolf I can't speak for anyone else, but the 25-minute sprints help me to *stop* context-switching constantly, which is something I strongly associate with my ADHD. Focusing on a half-dozen things at once for me feels productive, but it isn't. It's effectively focusing on nothing while not getting anything I want to do actually done.

In addition to pomodoros, my "real concentration" toolkit includes: Coffitivity, a web site that plays a canned loop of café-like background chatter, and…smooth jazz. Have those going and have a cup of coffee or a beer, and it really helps me get in the zone.

I think Moira's next episode will be titled "Potluck," which will make *some* of you horribly disappointed that it doesn't involve micros in crockpots or anything, sorry

@Azure That's been the semi-magic of pomodoros for me. I am really talented at distracting myself, but can usually manage to stay focused for 25 minutes at a time. And with any luck I'll get sufficiently into the swing of whatever thing I'm working on that I can stick with it through a half-dozen or so sprints that day.

So, about 2400 words total, 1600 of which were written today. I think I can call this a productive day and commence goofing off.

I like that this story is letting me play around with "what does it mean to be a god" beyond just being the biggest baddest thing in the room.

I need to keep reminding myself that I am much better at concentrating on tasks when I do them in pomodoro-style 25-minute sprints.

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