It occurred to me just now that while most of Star Wars is science fantasy, "Andor" is science fiction, and at times it's a striking tonal difference.

I kind of want to get a sticker-style waist-up drawing of the honey badger waitress in uniform, holding a coffee pot and scowling at the viewer, with the caption "Just try it, Matchstick"

I'm not sure which will be funnier, if the Mario movie trailer is even worse than everyone's expecting or if it turns out to actually be kind of good

Still not sure how long "Big Trouble" will be, but it feels like I'm closing in on the end in my draft. Maybe 20 episodes total? (This is actually much shorter than "Moira" because the episodes are smaller.)

This story has considerably more shrinking in it than my usual. It's neat. (Yes, there are also scenes with giants. Of course.)

A key lime mousse that is kind of a deconstructed key lime pie in disguise, with rum-soaked dried cranberries. Many of this place's dishes seem to include alcohol, which I do not mind

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The eagle-eyes among you will notice that dish (a jerk chicken confit) is garnished with cilantro, which I picked out because I am one of those unfortunates for whom cilantro tastes like dish soap

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It is high time we start using Twitter for its original purpose: talking about what we are eating

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What I like about eating out at fancy restaurants in touristy areas around Tampa is that they are among the few places where I am guaranteed to be one of the younger guests

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In case anyone from Spain is reading this, I am kidding and the wine is a very good dry white. The sea salt notes are real, though.

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"Notes of stone fruit, sea salt, burnt rubber, and whale carcass with a zippy acidity"

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I have ordered a glass of Albariño wine. I do not know what this is but it was described as having a hint of sea salt, which, okay, sure

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The one thing I don't like about this brewery: it seems to have a statistically high number of babies whose parents not only bring them to a brewery in the first place, but let them wander around and scream loudly

Or, I have found a third choice, a fancy-sounding "Floribbean" restaurant (yes, that is a thing). Hmm. I have not been a fancy cat in a while…

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In a world with size-shifters, there would be a pretty high number of macrophiles, but it still might not be truly socially acceptable. Which makes it super fun to write.

There's a food truck outside this brewery that has interesting-sounding fish tacos, but there's also a pizza place just up the street run by a guy with two gold metals at the World Pizza Championship in Parma. So. Hmm.

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