Okay, this outdoor beer garden I’ve found is quite pretty but the seating—high stools around actual barrels—is basically impossible to write at.

If I ever start a furry publishing company, one of the submission guidelines will be "if your title is a pun on the word 'fur' it will not only be rejected, Arilin will stomp your house flatter than a J.J. Abrams character"

I suppose artists often have to just sit on their hands when someone's being kind of insulting about their work in the comments on the actual work in question, and I haven't had to do it until today. Achievement unlocked?

Moira #18 is up for patrons! At the end of episode 15, Diana disappeared—now we’ll check in on where she’s been. patreon.com/posts/moira-18-sta

This definitely hasn't been a high brain day. I feel like I'm making a little progress on connecting the dots ahead in Moira's story, but just a little.


Status: still thinking about heavy digitigrade dragon-coyote paws descending with earthquake steps, cratering pavement and cars and (not so) small buildings


In case of dragon-coyote attacks, never take the elevator. (I had this scene in mind before I even knew how the story would get there, because I just loved the image! 🎨: Cougr)

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I have many things to be working on today, but instead I keep thinking about Red Savina being a beautiful engine of destruction.

“Pillowfort” is a great name for that service, because it captures both the cozy feeling they want to convey and their understanding of basic security architecture

Retooling the mind map for "Moira," as I haven't revisited it in a few months. It really is my own virtual version of a detective show Crazy Wall.

Me: the joke a couple weeks ago about Moira at karaoke stuck with me, but it's too silly. Maybe a non-canonical "outtake"…
Muse: no, it could be an important moment
Me: Come on.
Muse: right there in your notes
Me: What?
Muse: *points*
Me: …
Muse: you're welcome

Muse: nice ending for this episode
Me: Thanks. It seems like it'll go interesting places!
Muse: like where
Me: Uh…well. Isn't figuring that out kind of *your* job?
Muse: good talk

I want to do something in the Patreon relating to writing tips, but I'm not sure what yet. Chats in the Discord? Articles on Patreon? Offering critiques? I'm not sure what people might want for that…

@Austin_Dern @Mycroft I kind of like O'Rourke on "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me," but always figured that was enough. :)

Remember when Bill Maher was funny? Genuinely asking, I mean I’m older than most of you and it’s still not coming to mind


I am not eating my friends on – that's not what the tag says, after all. But you know your friends better than I do! Suggest appropriate condiments.

Holy hand grenades, I just stumbled across the epigraph for Moira's story.

At a virtual work conference today, and their opening slide about their code of conduct notes, "A code of conduct is a minimum, not a standard." This strikes me as a really good insight.

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