I am spending too much time on description for a vignette, but I have a vivid image of the form of the destructor. 💙

But, since it will probably be broken on FA—and I may have to use a slightly heavier weight for the title font if the thumbnail gets shrunk, too—this is the working cover image, using free wallpaper as a background.

Plotting how to substitute a picture of Kailani on the wall at this tiki bar and see if anyone notices

macro, slightly lewd 

Scene snippet, also maybe a mood.

With giants, sometimes it’s best to start calculations from the ground up

Also, did I just create another incredibly dangerous size-shifting woman?

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Pardon me while I go ahead and rapidly decompose now. (Also, ⁦@DamnDirtyFurry⁩, I got the Claire one.)

33, but I mean, come on, you could get a dozen of these by going to a BBQ joint and a Popeyes

On the one hand, well done. On the other, maybe we should consider not assigning genders to restrooms in the first place?

Agent One is probably thinking about doing something horrible to you~ 💙

(🎨: Cougr)

Eating at this steakhouse is like being an extra in an episode of "Miami Vice"

text-as-image story fragment 

I kept joking about Moira at a karaoke bar, and the joke became "but what if actually," and…


My new cocktail glass makes me feel fancy.

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