I'm doing a virtual reading of "Red Savina" at a weekly story hour, breaking it up into ~18 parts or so, and one person keeps saying "too bad we can guess this will go badly" after every chapter.

story excerpt (image text) 

Moira is a bad economics student

macro(ish), text image snippet 

Moira: visualize whirled peas

macro (image story snippet) 

Hazel's roommate may not be taking the pika's divinity seriously

(fictional) police 

Still one of my favorite (albeit a tiny bit obliquely spoilery) moments from "Red Savina"

GitHub has an Octocat creator and I am going to have to stop wasting time with it now

social distancing 

This is an actual poster from the National Park Service and it's kind of great

nerdy meta plot blathering 

I'm excited about mind maps because I've finally figured out how to use one. I think. I've wanted to share Moira's as an example, but it's full of potential spoilers—so here it is with everything but character names redacted.

(fictional) police and impending bunny chaos 

I don't know what happens next, but I'm sure it'll be totally mellow

Using strings for SQL primary keys like a madwoman

(Yes, I am sure there are other services I could add to the table...)

More predatory pika musings 

Hazel might have a kind of scary smile or yawn when she wants to. This is—not a complaint, per se. (original: flickr.com/photos/davidkingham)

(strongly) implied vore 

I would never participate in as far as the ones of you who are left know

Going old school for the final editing pass on the screenplay. (I mean, it's a PDF and I'm editing on a tablet with a stylus, but still.)

macro-ish story snippet 

Back to editing Saida & Autumn. I still love this exchange between Saida (a feline-like Rha) and Tam (a Liliren, a mouse a fifteenth her size).

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