In case of dragon-coyote attacks, never take the elevator. (I had this scene in mind before I even knew how the story would get there, because I just loved the image! 🎨: Cougr)

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Holy hand grenades, I just stumbled across the epigraph for Moira's story.

This “Plot W” is a great way to sketch out three acts, and something I should probably have done months ago for “Moira”: individual plot points, which roughly correspond to episodes, get placed on here and shuffled around as appropriate. (We’re a bit past the Act I turn.)

pokémon, vore 

Saida's first and only attempt at catching a Pokémon—in this case, Busbar the Raichu—did not go well. (🎨: Ken Cougr)

text snippet image, big wolf 

So about this big

beer, pun 

Did I buy this beer just for the name? Don't be silly of COURSE I did

Followup: tall digitigrade vixens in heeled sandals, much like this. (🎨: Ken Cougr)

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in-progress story snippet (text as image) 

All things are relative.

Well, it's not a mountain, but it's peaceful. Except for thinking about the giant otter. (Also there is a train passing by on the far shore, so, hmm.)

There is no way for me to see a boat with this name and not picture a giant otter lifting it out of the water in one hand, flashing a huge grin, and saying "Tell me all about those fantasies, cute little things. Let's see if they're better than mine."

macro vore tease 

Sketches of Farrah the red panda teasing Saida. 🎨: Ken Cougr.

Someone (not anyone I follow here, and as far as I know no one who follows me) quit my Patreon with the message "the rules in her Discord server made it clear I was not welcome." These are the rules—is there something objectionable here I'm missing?

On a riverfront restaurant deck that's almost at the top of tall palm trees, with enough shoreline space I could imagine a giant Kailani sitting there sipping a rum drink and cheerfully chatting down to patio diners who got over their nervousness.


Look, y'all, these are great haddock nuggets and fries, but I deny these are really "fish and chips."

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