macro vore 

A walk through Coyote Valley might not have been essential, but I think it sure helped my mood.

Poking a little bit more at the Kani & Jillian story. I haven't done something that's leaning so hard into "I have never seen a giant before and omigod they are SO BIG" in quite a while. It's kinda fun to go back to seeing giants with fresh eyes.

I'm awfully happy with these (art by and

Our macro meetup is at Uproar Brewing in just a little over three hours—at 3pm!

Our macro meetup will be tomorrow, Saturday at 3pm, at Uproar Brewing, a five-minute walk away!

I aspire to one day be as good at the art of brutal deadpan as Emily VanDerWerff

This is a "clarified milk punch," and I am not sure what dark magic is involved with it but I will have five more, please

5/ IMVU's current management may want FA to pull its own weight now. Last but not least: "We’ve brought on additional staff to rewrite and modernize Fur Affinity." Sigh.

The more these dinguses come up on my feed the more this sounds like they're making a threat

Okay, but since you're literally asking for it, don't blame me for any damages

A coworker bought me this mug set for Christmas, and just what are they telling me they know here

Seeing people on my timeline talk about how old they feel when they're just past 30

I have no idea what this is but it is very alcoholic and it's Kitana's fault

With the new story, Tallulah gets added to the character index list on my web site. (Also: for a static web site, mine is kind of over-engineered, and I really should get an image gallery going on it again sometime soon…)

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