It is high time we start using Twitter for its original purpose: talking about what we are eating

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I have never had a drink garnished with a vial of rum before

or a supply closet with a weird door

A possible title card for the story, before Fur Affinity ruins it. (Instead, your social media server and/or client can ruin it!)

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Have that image anyway, if you haven't seen it: art by Cougr for Vore Day 2020!

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So I bought "The Bad Guys" in ultra-HD 4K Blu-Ray other buzzwords format, because despite thin characterization, predictable plot, and gleefully non-existent world building, I loved it and think it has a solid script. Why? Near-magical character chemistry.

Yesterday it was miserable to take a walk at quarter past nine, so I got out before eight this morning. Ha ha. (75°F is 24°C.)

Hopefully you are having fun at if you are there, and you could also buy my trans lesbian macro romance book "Saida & Autumn" at FurPlanet's table to increase your fun! (You can always trust giant cats about that.)

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While I can't make , my queer macro romance novel, Saida & Autumn, will be available at the @FurPlanet table!

I would never encourage you to imagine a giant otter woman lounging on the rocks here

An interesting observation from media critic Emily St. James (VanDerWerff).

Well, that was fun to write, but I think I should maybe take a break for a bit

While the results are impressive in their own way, guessing furry/macro artists are safe from being replaced by AIs any time soon

(strangely cute) vore 

"What?" (🎨: Ken Cougr)

My queer macro romance, “Saida & Autumn,” will be premiering at Anthrocon 2022 from FurPlanet! This is the finished cover, with art by Ransom.

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