Farrah the red panda wonders if you will be their friend today 😋 (sketch by Ken Cougr)

Moira is faintly annoyed people keep asking her about painted eggs today (art by Ken Cougr)

Following the sage advice "good writers are readers," I have a book to read next, because c'mon, how could I not


Thinking of my red panda, Farrah, who is decidedly not like any recent wahs on film, but is quite photogenic in their own disconcerting way. (🎨 Ken Cougr)

You cannot see whoever is desperately splashing behind the orange slice and I am pretending I cannot either

I don’t think I’ve ever proclaimed “if you don’t agree with my politics, don’t follow me,”so I always wonder if I have readers who get shocked when they notice I have them.

This drink has ube (purple yam) in it, and it is amazing.

Haven't been to a tiki bar in a few months, and this new one seems awfully solid.

Kitana says she will not share photos of the nice day here due to the weather on the east coast, but I will because cats are jerks

Spellchecker, we need to have a talk about the kinds of stories I write.

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I clearly need to find “furry mode” in settings, because trust me, spellchecker, “hare” is more likely. (Also bigger.)

My Halloween macro story, “Coyote Sky,” is now up on Fur Affinity. (A day earlier than I’d planned, but it makes some logistics easier to work out!) furaffinity.net/view/44381271/

I am spending too much time on description for a vignette, but I have a vivid image of the form of the destructor. 💙

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