On a riverfront restaurant deck that's almost at the top of tall palm trees, with enough shoreline space I could imagine a giant Kailani sitting there sipping a rum drink and cheerfully chatting down to patio diners who got over their nervousness.


Look, y'all, these are great haddock nuggets and fries, but I deny these are really "fish and chips."

Picturing Clover, a cute mega-rat woman, leaning waaaaaaay down over this and saying in a thundering sing-song voice, "You're gonna need a lot more trucks~"


This sketch of Red Savina by @KenCougr has lodged itself in my brain again, in a dreamy-eyed “gosh she’s so beautiful” way despite (?) the “she’s eating a passenger train” way

Ah, the excitement of a parent who lives in Florida but hates to run air conditioning. This is the inside temperature and, yes, inside humidity.

I am absolutely not picturing a giant otter woman sitting on this ship, water streaming off her fur, grinning as she looks for interesting toys in the foreground marina while the tanker sinks under her weight. Are you?

Yes, I am having a takeout Thanksgiving, but it's a serious one.

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The harvest goddess has issues with industrial farming

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I'm not sure I'm ready for tomorrow, but I have a head start

While I feel like I'm getting the hang of this story, it's slow going. I may see if I can find another writing place today like one of my old "remote Thursdays" back in the pre-plague times. Meanwhile, meet the Mojave aster. Isn't it pretty?

I'm doing a virtual reading of "Red Savina" at a weekly story hour, breaking it up into ~18 parts or so, and one person keeps saying "too bad we can guess this will go badly" after every chapter.

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Moira is a bad economics student

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Moira: visualize whirled peas

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Hazel's roommate may not be taking the pika's divinity seriously

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