Discovering that Fur Affinity’s species list for submissions does not include “Sheep”. Diana may want to have some *words* with people about this.

@arilin Wait, "species" isn't a textbox? /Why/ would they design it like that.

@arilin [we've never used Furaffinity for upload ourselves]

@IceWolf @arilin You can see their list at and the Species drop-down list.

The advantage it offers is you don't have to guess at people's spellings (folks are weirdly bad at 'raccoon', but, like, 'gryphon' has 400 legit spellings).

The disadvantage is this list is weirdly incomplete and randomly arranged. My joke is it's the list of things Princess Jasmine was turned into in the Aladdin series, in airing order. And not a joke: look at where 'wolverine' is grouped.

@arilin I'm regularly amused they don't offer 'Mermaid', 'Fairy', or 'Genie', but do have, like, 'Iksar' and 'Draenei'.

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