The HR presenter is saying most of the corporate systems require Internet Explorer. If this is true I am going to seriously be looking for new employment, because it says Very Bad Things about the internal systems

Sure, Internet Explorer hasn't existed for Macs for a decade, but we have a VM solution we can use to run IE because that is clearly a better solution than making the website not suck

@arilin The icing on that shit sandwich would be "Well, we've publish IE as a /Citrix/ app that you can use"

It would be a true culmination of ultimate bullshit.

@xipher Oh, it WAS published as a Citrix app, but they just replaced Citrix with a homegrown system that originally wasn't compatible with Linux or macOS. Supposedly it is now, but they haven't set up our accounts correctly, so we haven't been able to test it out yet.

@xipher @arilin ....... the look on my face right now, if you could see it
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