It's nice to see more folks seeming to hang around both the FurryMUCK Giants' Club and BigFurs IRC. ~~old school macrofurry is waiting~~

@arilin Huh, I've heard of BigFurs IRC and forgot it existed... do you happen to know the server info by any chance? I'm looking for alternatives to Furnet. :3

And huh, the Giants' Club is FurryMUCK? Does that mean it has the same "you must submit ridiculous personal info to be considered not a minor" thing?

@IceWolf @arilin The Giants Club is on FurryMuck, yes, and subscribes to its rules.

I *think* the main room is all-ages, while around back, where more extreme action is allowed, is age-locked.

@Austin_Dern @IceWolf That's correct, yes. There's also a version of the GC on F-Chat, which theoretically gets more use although in practice it's usually only got a few people active there at any one point.

@IceWolf BigFurs IRC is at, port 6697 (or port 6667, although that's unencrypted). There's some info at

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