mh vs. birdsite 

I'm increasingly wondering if the white noise in my head will subside if I just stop reading my Twitter timelines (other than direct mentions), and stick to Mastodon and for my furry and non-furry life respectively (roughly).

re: mh vs. birdsite 

@arilin I'm not able to say one way or the other; my Twitter experience is highly limited.

But I do wish to show support for your efforts to take care of yourself, regardless of where you roam.

re: mh vs. birdsite 

@digitalfox Twitter can be very... angry, and I suspect very hostile in that "don't tone police me" way if it's ever suggested that the anger sometimes gets unproductive and/or unduly conspiratorial. I may eventually try to write a blog post about this…but I may not. :,

re: mh vs. birdsite 

@arilin @digitalfox If you ever get around to a blog post on this, I'd love to read it! I've been peripherally hearing people complain about Twitter, but I've never really gotten a feel for what the culture is like and how it's different from Mastodon.

re: mh vs. birdsite 

@IceWolf @digitalfox It's hard to explain easily, but I think the difference centers around Twitter being more rewarding of outrage directed at others. While Mastodon isn't entirely immune to that, it seems much less prevalent, I suspect due both to culture and UX choices (e.g., by deliberate design, Mastodon has no "reblog with added comment").

re: mh vs. birdsite 

@arilin To echo @IceWolf 's remark, if you do get around to writing a blog post, I'd enjoy reading it, too. :red_fox:

And the design/community decisions you've mentioned make sense - I've been following reasonable practices I've seen set by others, many of whom *are* Twitter refugees.

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