Occasionally reminded making Mastodon my "primary" microblog rather than Twitter might be less stressful due to it being so much less…shouty. (I'm @arilin if you're over there.)

@arilin Ha, is this using a crossposter or something? Over here it feels a little weird, linking to yourself. (:

@IceWolf I have a two-way crossposter set up, so stuff that starts here goes to Twitter and vice-versa (although not boosts/retweets, quotes, replies, etc.)

@arilin … I should do that… I REALLY should do that. Even if I do a lot of the shouting you might be seeing.

@kitana you don't do much. :) But Twitter seems to be designed to funnel anger-making things onto timelines. (Often stripped of context and nuance.)

@arilin I fully support this, and I'm totally not biased at all. 🙃

(In seriousness, it is a personal choice. There is the technical advantage that toots with content warnings, longer messages, and such can be automatically decomposed into tweets consistently, but it's not as clean the other way. Neither is great, and what one gets out of their private timeline matters more, naturally.)

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