I still tend to grab my laptop or iPad when I go out for lunch, as if I will find a cafe I would be willing and able to sit and work at. (sigh)

The big challenge: when I started I thought I was going to get *maybe* a half-dozen "bunny does horrible things to people who annoy her" vignettes, but the more I write the more I'm going to need a real roadmap. 🙀

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I think I just had a sudden flash of the entire rest of the Moira series. Not individual episodes, just…the underlying theme snapping into focus.

Me: Episode #7, "Natural Order," is scheduled for tomorrow. I didn't know if I was going to make it.
Muse: well, you know what they say, gotta write or the hare will eat you
Me: I… don't think anyone says that.
Muse: sure, not after the hare eats them

I should have been getting ready for bed an hour ago, but I did get through the first draft of Moira episode 7. So I can actually get it out to patrons by the end of the month, I think. Barely, but still!

So widely-reported rumors that Google is trying to pay my company's corporate parent to kill off our product are making my workday more exciting.

Huh. I knew where this Moira episode was going—it's pretty quiet as far as these go, although it might still surprise me—but this last surprisingly emotional bit kind of came out of nowhere.

In the upcoming Moira episode, a character reads aloud the mission statement of the financial services company run by the story's immortal villains. Confession: I just copied the mission statement from Bain Capital's website, unmodified.

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Hazel's roommate may not be taking the pika's divinity seriously

Always a bemusing feeling when you spend about an hour writing, know you've put in about 400 words—and the total word count for the piece so far has dropped by about 100.

I am still not sure where Moira 7 is going (or what its name will be), but I think (a) I really like the new character and (b) I am going to have to write myself a "character voice guide" to keep everyone's speech patterns sufficiently distinct.

(Downside of this joke: I now have the image of a big pseudo-macho SUV collapsing under Arilin's sandal stuck in my head)

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The chances of Twitter *requiring* subscriptions in the future is essentially zero. If they do anything, bet on a "subscribe to get rid of ads" option, maybe with extra services aimed at commerce.


Muse: get a picture of you crushing a car
Me: I don't do that.
Muse: what about the Miata
Me: It was double-parked…
Muse: and the Camry
Me: She didn't signal before turning!
Muse: and the SUV
Me: Oh, come on, it was an H3. An H3!
Muse: okay allowed

Belatedly uploading Moira #6, "Potluck," to Fur Affinity, and removing the reference to "obligate herbivore" that shouldn't be there. (There are obligate carnivores, but not the reverse. You are always technically on the menu for my "herbivores"! Ha ha kidding, maybe.)

Okay, points to ABC's "Stumptown" for the chutzpah to use XTC's "Dear God" in the soundtrack.

After a pretty great weekend, today has been low-energy and mildly depressed. Maybe I should actually commit to cooking tonight so I'm actually getting my brain in gear more.

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