I am having a third tiki drink tonight. Don't worry, I will try not to walk anywhere fragile until I can do it in a straight line

Plotting how to substitute a picture of Kailani on the wall at this tiki bar and see if anyone notices

I appear to be writing a thread about the Burned Furs in spite of myself, because it’s stranger than a lot of summaries I’ve seen make it out to be…and I think it may have, in its own weird stupid way, been a true predecessor to Gamergate and the Sad Puppies.

TIL: a gin martini and peanut butter sandwich crackers go together like two things that do not go together.

I keep thinking about writing something on the Burned Furs, because I was actually there for it and the story seems to have gotten…flattened over the years. So far I've resisted because ugh.

Instead of continuing this endless bikeshedding about whether the sample JavaScript code should have semicolons, let me point out that if you make me reformat everything again, I’ll eat you. Great. Nice chat.

“Moira” is back to being teeth-pullingly difficult to write, even though the next episode is again mostly conversation. Actually, that’s probably why it’s difficult; characters need to work out conclusions without straight-up explaining plot points.

A tweet from @Spotted_Menace has me thinking about villain motivations in “Moira”.

Nunwick: believes he’s the true hero
Parker: believes in (what she thinks is) the mission
Ironheart: believes in Nunwick alone
Agent One: believes you’ll sound lovely screaming

Me: This is a pretty boring Apple event.
Muse: would it be more exciting if a giant coyote woman sat on the outdoor stage
Me: Well, yes, but--
Muse: on it
Me: It's pre-recorded! Come back!

I should really get art of Hazel, she says again. Which means finding an image of a wheelchair she’d use. And of a pika. (And letting artists know “pika” ≠ “pikachu.”)

TIL: There’s a bar in San Francisco called “White Rabbit,” paying tribute to its origin as a music club in the 1960s whose house band was Jefferson Airplane. That club was called—The Matrix.

Feeling slightly low on muse energy the last few days, but I’ve made my 500-word minimum today on episode 27. 🎉

Also, holy hand grenades, I’m on episode 27 and still not in the home stretch. 🙀

Marvel: What If… Zombies?!
Me: What If… you just didn't

Say what you will about the “Matrix: Resurrections” trailer, but the choice to go with the original recording of “White Rabbit” rather than one more damn half-speed, weirdly arranged faux ethereal cover wins points.

"Fursuit maker pretends to be gay black artist complaining about woke furries, gets called out, and is defended by his mom, who may be a puppet account" may be the fastest transition from tragedy to farce I've seen

And now back in my Moira plot diagram, redoing the “probably this happens” bits in the next leg because some of them no longer reflect the “actually, this happened” bits in the previous leg…

And, over on Fur Affinity, Moira episode 25, “An Orderly, Crime-Free Paradise,” is up! furaffinity.net/view/43622016/

“Heavy Forces,” a new standalone science fiction short, is up for Patreon supporters! patreon.com/posts/55816040

Okay, apparently FA’s text codes for linking URLs do *not* work in uploaded text files. Why? Because up yours, buddy, that’s why.

Now that I have fully retconned “Moira” as being set in a furry-fied version of the real world, I have decided Moira likes Boston Cream donuts from Dunkin’, because she is not actually a monster

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