Watching a video flyover of Dubai and totally not thinking anything macro-related

It's time for the mid-pandemic classic "find a spot to eat outside that feels safe but not broiling"

I'm sorry, but I have to leave your interminable boring video conference because if I stay any longer, a giant cat woman may start rampaging angrily in the neighborhood. And by "the neighborhood," I mean yours.

My phone just tried to correct "macrofurry" to "macro curry" and I am intrigued

Well, my internet is out at home, so I may go to a café to OH WAIT

Update: there is a method to the madness of using crisps as the chips, because air circulates under the fish and it stays crispy as it bakes. Best reheated fried fish I've ever had.

A restaurant chain here introduced a line of retro frozen "TV dinners" with entree, side and dessert, to cook in the (conventional) oven, and one is fish and chips…with American-style potato chips. I am absolutely sure they did this on purpose.

Also, I just noticed this house on "Oselot Way," and my giant ocelot friend here would like to have a word with the planning department.

While the likelihood of moving this year or even next seems to have been dimmed by the reality of 2020, I still check real estate listings, and continue to be bemused and vaguely irritated by the phrase "starter home."

Postscript: did I buy the “Hamilton” soundtrack before I finished watching the filmed version? Yes. Yes, I did.

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Obscure trivia: long before “Hamilton,” there was liberal iconoclast Gore Vidal’s 1973 novel “Burr,” which made the opposite case for who the hero and the villain in this story were.

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Your giant goat girlfriend has decided the best tease ever is to pick you up and slowly eat your clothes off you. (Is she wrong?)

Now mildly hurting myself with another image or two, but those are images that might make their way into a future Moira episode, so keeping them to myself, mostly. >.>

"Talk Like a Pirate Day" is making me daydream about Tallulah again.

Me: I should probably have coffee rather than beer.
*looks at news*
Me: I should stop looking at news, and have all the beer.

furry hot take 

Taking a common phrase and replacing a syllable with "fur" to say "like that, but furry!" was never as clever as we pretended it was

Me: Sometimes I think I should try writing my own “school of wizards hidden in a mundane world” stories.
Muse: you know that’s what Mensura College is, right
Me: Oh, shit.

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