Dramatica is such a difficult weird obstinate program for story brainstorming. I wish it didn't work so well with my brain.

Savina keeps insisting the Mexican place make the salsa hotter. Jesus, does your dragon fire run on chile peppers, simmer down

To folks scrambling to create Patreons before fee changes go into effect: the increase is from 5% to 8%—$3 less net per $100 grossed. That's not *nothing,* but don't be under the illusion you're losing out on a massive windfall if you join later.

Me: I have scattered ideas for this screenplay, images, characters, but the theme still seems murky.
Muse: how about this: smash the patriarchy
Me: That's—pretty political for a macro story, isn't it?
Muse: with a giant coyote woman's paw
Me: 🤔

Yes, Kailani, I know there are lots of flavors of passion fruit, don't tell me again. Oh, don't look cross. Um, especially don't grow to 300' and look cross. Um, tell me about passion fruit again.

I've decided this giant sidewalk on the mixed-size college campus doesn't have separate space for littles. It just has normal-sized yellow diamond warning signs with the silhouette of a giant paw coming down on a hapless stick figure and the message STAY TO WALKWAY EDGE.

What, no micros on your pizza?
And where do you get them in your size? — Generally at The Beanstalk, a pizza pub on campus. They make pizza in both sizes (I suspect the giant ones are just being magically enlarged from normal-size… curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/8

What's your favorite pizza topping (that is, if you like pizza)? — As much as this seems like it's an open invitation to say "pineapple," my favorite is the classic combo type: pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, and green pepper. (But… curiouscat.qa/gc_arilin/post/8

To your knowledge, are the old macro(furry) chat sites and such still active (Bigfurs, Fairbanx MUCK and the like… — Some of the old ones are certainly still around. BigFurs IRC, FurryMUCK, others; I think Faibanx MUCK is still ar… curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/8

Do you have a temper? — Yes, although it's less than what people imagine (or occasionally seem to be hoping for). curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/8

"And now, for your entertainment, I shall play John Lennon's 'Imagine' in one key, while singing it in several others."

After a restroom break, I've come out to an entirely new set of musicians! Unlike the previous ones, these are not taking good songs and making them boring. They're taking great songs and making them awful!

As hoary as "Margaritaville" is, it takes a lot of effort to sap the fun out of it. They added a ukulele and somehow made that boring!

Seriously, I applaud this bar band for trying to find new arrangements for old bar standards! It's just a shame that all their new arrangements are crap.

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