I have left myself complicated questions about the screenplay finale I have not completely answered, but I think I have one more answer down now, at least.

I took the but got annoyed at the way it created an uneditable tweet with the result. My vocabulary size is supposedly 29812, which seems suspiciously specific for a quiz with ~40 questions, doesn't it?

Joe Biden: no one beats me at failing to read the room in 2019
Beta O'Rourke: hold my beer

Even with heavy outlining, characters still surprise me, as with one saying to an antagonist, "Oh, I love the part where the villain reveals their plans to the trapped hero. Tell me about your secret volcano lair!" And I'm suddenly going: damn, that's in character for them?

If you could trade 1 year of your life for $50,000, how many years would you trade in? — There's an awful lot of variables hidden in that question. If we're trading miserable end-of-life years for money, I'd consider one or two, p… curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/9

So after Disney finishes making less interesting live action remakes of all their animated originals, are they going to do animated remakes of all their forgettable live action originals? I can't wait for "The Shaggy D.A."

Sure, brain, it makes total sense that while I'm struggling with the end of the screenplay's second act and the setup for the third and final one, you're like IT'S TIME TO LEARN RUBY ON RAILS 6! WOO!

Kailani has discovered a tiki cocktail with bourbon and passion fruit in it, so she and Jeeves finally agree on drinks. (Jeeves frowns in the background. "I like rum perfectly well, miss.")

Writing a scene synopsis that fills me with all sorts of warm fuzzies. 💕 I think everything goes to hell in a handbasket in the NEXT scene, but…

I am not sure how I have developed such a talent for always picking the coffee shop table by the people who start holding the loudest conversation in the room, but I sure wish I would lose it

It's another slightly late Patreon update! The title is "On outlining and party scenes," but it's more interesting than it probably sounds, I swear. patreon.com/posts/27823425

Look, I'm outlining! (This will be the basis of the next Patreon post, whose subtext is totally not "I've written way more on this thing than it looks like, y'all")

"Arilin, did you make your own meme image of that so you could use mixed case Helvetica Neue instead of all caps Impact?" Shut up.

update: I have added two more placeholders to the screenplay. They are titled "Failure beat" and "(Temporary) success beat," right before a placeholder beat titled "All is lost".

I keep thinking "hey, I've made the screenplay outline longer!", then realize just how many of the "finished" scene items are still placeholders.

Me: I should be less focused on Twitter
Also me: I'm so close to 1000 followers!

Also, that finally gave me an excuse to make a ROT-13 Quick Action. (This is basically adding a new command to the system-wide right click menu; now I can highlight text in any application and ROT-13 it. Woo!)

I am inching the screenplay story forward in a rambling notes file, which I need to expand the outline with—right now the only scenes in my third segment are placeholders from Save the Cat like "Bad guys close in." (Spoiler: Erq Fnivan vf abg bar bs gur onq thlf…rknpgyl.)

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