So I can’t say I expected to write 1700 words today (!) that give clues into Agent One’s past (!) but here I am.

Google Street View and Apple Maps Look Around are occasionally godsends for getting story locations to be a little more authentic.

Eating outside at a BBQ joint at a golf course (really), and pretty sure the loud guy at a nearby table is the Amazon Basics version of Vin Diesel.

I was going to say “Parker is a lot of fun to write,” but I’m realizing just about all the characters in “Moira” are fun to write, which makes me happy. (Not always *easy* to write, but…)

I may suddenly be imagining Agent One inviting herself to a parachute or hang-gliding festival and seeing how many she can catch with just her mouth. (This will not happen in the story, I’m pretty sure, but…)

Today is apparently "try to work out difficult story questions" day. Also going back to my visual story plot thing and realizing we're jjjjjust about to plunge over the precipice 🙀

I know “go out to a restaurant with just one or two friends” is not many people’s Thanksgiving tradition, and I don’t know if it’s exactly a *tradition* for me, either. But y’know, I’ve mostly enjoyed it.

The more that comes out about the new Mario film, the more impressed I am with Illumination’s bold determination to make fans reevaluate the 1993 movie

Noticing the end credits of “Dune” have the “No animals were harmed” disclaimer. Sure a relief to know they didn’t rough up the sandworms

Writing in a coffee shop in a little touristy area, Rockaway Beach, about a new otter character. She is not the sort who could or would be a hundred feet high and stretched out on the beach teasing/bullying tourists, but I am absolutely daydreaming about otters who would.

Arby's Vodka: pairs perfectly with the Double Beef n' Cheddar and also the deep pang of regret

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I have been made aware this is (or at least was) a real thing:

Teasing small friends by talking about delicious mice and bean burritos

The weird low-level ambient stress of a family member who strongly supports your writing but doesn’t think you’ve done anything since 2018, because you won’t share any of the stuff with giants or kink

I have apparently put GDSGs, giant demon squirrel girls, in my head this week

You cast the spell. A giant demon squirrel girl appears!

You: Did…did I bind you?
GDSG (giggling): Sure.
You: I order you to—
GDSG: Whatever. Let’s smash your town!
You: But—but I command—
GDSG (giggling again and reaching for you): Sure you do, sweetie.

Find hot giant demonic squirrel girls in your area! (Disclaimer: if they are in your area, you are doomed)

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