My week-long break for writing is over and I must actually get back to work. Sigh.

Lately I’ve been taking the titles of Moira episodes from within the text. I think the upcoming episode may contain THREE titles: its own, the one after it, and one somewhere farther down the road.

If I worked up the gumption to do a writing advice column on the Patreon, what would be some interesting/useful topics to cover?

The more I poke at Fresno, the more…interesting?…it gets for this upcoming serial set piece. “We have to save the city!” “Do we, though?”

OH MY GOD there’s a bar in Fresno called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”

Rethinking my plans not to destroy the city on general principle

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Now time to explore Fresno a little, virtually speaking. (Maybe actually visit in person in a couple weeks, although it’s kind of a hike for a day trip, and do I actually want to overnight in Fresno? Hmm)

A thing I'm learning about writing a complicated serial published as you go: you don't do "gun on the mantelpiece" foreshadowing as much as hang a gun on every mantelpiece you pass by, just in case you need it later.

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Screw it, I think I’m just going with Fresno. Also, the muse is on a roll pulling together both already established things and “maybe I can work this in here” things into a stronger plot.

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While "Moira" is basically set in an alternate version of the US, I keep leaving out real city names. I'm eventually going to have to either start using them or making fake ones, though: the working title for an upcoming episode is "Battle of Fresno."

Update: the chili is good, but I *would* cut down the pepper level just a bit. My roommate is making a lot fascinating coughing noises as they eat.

Muse: taste the chili
Me: Okay.
Muse: good, right
Me: I think my whiskers just burned off.
Muse: wimp

Following my muse to create a chili recipe. Potential problem: coyotes are bad at determining appropriate spice level

Ah yes, ordering a screen protector for your smartwatch after it is already broken is an excellent idea, cat, It can hold the shards in place until a new watch arrives

Trying to describe how “Moira” started to a non-furry, non-macro audience: “Okay, imagine if Wonder Woman was a really mean drunk.”

Even in a scene which is basically conversation, Agent One is fun to write.

Well, about 1300 words done today on “Moira,” nothing done on any other projects yet, but that’s still not bad at all.

In writing workshop check-in, I referred to Moira as “the serial I’m working on,” because I need to admit that’s going to be one of my two projects during this thing. Let’s see how oblique I can be in referring to it…

Start of the week-long writing workshop. I hope to just try and get a big chunk of words down on “Moira”, which I have referred to only as “this big epic thing that started as a short story shitpost”.

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