A conversation between Autumn and Judy about capitalism is not what I expected this scene to entail.

I keep seeing promoted tweets from "The American Consumer Instititute," a name that immediately made me suspect it was an anti-consumer industry group. Surprise! sourcewatch.org/index.php/Amer

We have now switched to a woman who is singing with great enthusiasm in a different key than her guitar playing. There is no polite way to say "it's not that your voice is bad, it's that it's TECHNICALLY INCORRECT." (*drinks beer faster*)

Still haven't finished the beer. Increasingly imagining Red Savina roaring, "YOUR MIDDLE-CLASS WHITE GUY BLUES ARE UNCONVINCING" and stomping down hard.

I think I just need to bring earplugs for this place on future Thursday visits. (This is both the only weekday they have live music and the only weekday I can regularly visit.)

Oh good, not only is this brewpub starting up live music, the musicians seem to be using recorded background bits so they sound louder.

Totally not looking out the office window and imagining Red Savina going to town on the Adobe HQ across the street. "Subscribe to THIS, jerks." *STOMP*

When I am just a little tipsy is when I most wish for a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, just without the institutional homophobia. Sigh.

Tragically, I think I have found a Scotch whisky that I really like

When someone makes as public show as possible of quitting furry, it usually means that furry actually quit them.

☑️ Mass of a dracoyote displeased with your weirdass punctuation

Well, that was sure some alcohol I have had tonight. Kitana is only a little tipsy and Kailani seems like she's been drinking pop all the time. What the hell is with otters

Having a complicated tiki drink with mezcal in it. I think I like it but I do not think I can feel my whiskers. Do I still have whiskers

"I can't come into the office today. I have excessive ennui."
"That's no excuse to stay home from work."
"I've heard stomping bureaucrats is a great stress reliever~"
"Take all the time away from the office you need."

Has there ever been confrontation or an attack from a survivor, or loved one who had someone who was victimized by Aril… — Not really. Most of Arilin's worst behavior happened in Stravell, so she's insulated by being in a literally different… curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/7

Do you ever find your size to be an issue when you have a student who is struggling? I.E: Just too scared to approach y… — It's not too often, simply because students who are too frightened by giants aren't likely to even enroll at Mensura, m… curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/7

Do you ever wear shoes? It has to be very...unclean to walk the campus grounds unshod day in and day out. — I usually wear sandals. curiouscat.me/gc_arilin/post/7

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