Working my way through tastings of Highland Park Scotch. It's good, but if I tell Jeeves that I want a pina colada I will get a very stern look

Wandering around muttering "a character in a context with a problem, a character in a context with a problem, a character..."

Writing tip: cut out tentative words and phrases unless they’re truly load-bearing. “She seems to be tall.” “He’s fairly new at this.” “Bob was kind of angry.” If she really *is* tall, if he really *is* new at this, if Bob really *is* angry, then don’t weaken the impact.

…to a more androgynous non-binary coyote, switching from plantigrade to digitigrade among the way. And now they kind of want a story, maybe?

More seriously, I'm taken with the idea of writing something about a character who many years ago was meant to be my fursona (or "personal furry," as we said then!), but got shoved bodily aside by others. Very lately I've retooled them from a fairly buff/athletic coyote guy…

Me: I have all these story ideas and I am completely blocked.
Muse: want another idea
Me: No, why would I—
Muse: here's another idea

It's a very exciting game! I probably won't eat the losing team. Ha ha just kidding. I mean I wouldn't have eaten them. Honest.

During this timeout they are inexplicably running a "SimbaCam," where you're supposed to hold up a child. I held up most of my section. I suppose it's cheating but I did get on camera again

I have also been asked not to lean over one team's bench and lick my lips. Oh, come on

Apparently when the announcers say "make some noise" a loud yowl is not appropriate

I intrinsically want to root for the underdogs, but I am a cat, so I am conflicted

Okay: the Sacramento Kings lion mascot is fine, unlike the horror show masquerading as a coyote that the San Antonio Spurs have, but we really need to get these folks in touch with fursuit makers

It's just before the game and they're playing a recorded "what to do in case of emergency" announcement and I don't like the way everyone glanced at me

No, sir, I will not move my elbow from those seats, and please ask your daughter to stop trying to climb up my face

The seats in this arena are unusually tiny. I mean, no, I wouldn't fit in them anyway, but on general principle, it seems like poor design. The rest of the place is really nice, though.

At a great Mexican restaurant with Kitana and Xipher, and glad I am not in the bar, because I have never heard a version of "Sultans of Swing" that swung less

On the one hand, it’s cool that several furry cons are doing a joint “Cyberpunk 2020” theme, but on the other, I am not sure how much of this I can take before I go all Pat Cadigan on their ass

"Don't worry," the cute husky you're not even knee-high to says as she leans down, bringing a huge hand behind you. "I almost never lose control and swallow people I'm kissing anymore!"

A vignette with Kailani and Arilin out at a bar, the otter sternly telling the Rha that she can't eat the band. "But they're butchering Kenny Loggins!" "This was always a bad song." "Point. But can't I eat the drummer?" "No." "Bongos! BONGOS, Kailani!" "Well…"

Also, the little kid and her dad who both keep constantly kicking the bench that I'm sitting at are not helping things. Time to quietly slide into the sunset, I think.

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