Things to do this weekend

☑️ Create sexy giant bat character
☑️ Who is not racist

I think I know where this next Moira vignette ends up, but getting there is harder than I expected—in part because it's almost all conversation.

Donating to the ACLU Foundation, the Committee to Protect Journalists, and Colin Kaepernick's Know Your Rights Camp.

I find myself waffling a lot lately about how writing LGBTQ+ positive furry/macro stories with an increasing bent toward anarchic politics seems so trivial yet…it's the thing I can *do.* It's the strange, narrow light I have to hold up.

I am pretty sure that a bunch of edits I made to the screenplay yesterday and today have just vanished. That's super cool. (They're still in pen markup on the PDF, so they're not truly lost, but this is not happy-making.)

A coworker posts a word of the day to a Slack channel and today's word was "maw." Can I use that in a sentence? Oh, you have NO idea, dear.

Finished with the pen-and-paper—well, stylus and tablet—editing of Red Savina. Now comes making the actual edits in the Fountain file. 🙀

Almost done with a final editing pass on the Red Savina screenplay. I keep being surprised by how political this is. I'm pretty sure my muse is more radical than I think of myself as…

I have a coworker who clearly keeps trying for “passive-aggressive” but keeps falling short and just landing on “punchable”

news and social media meta 

While this is an important moment to stay connected to the news, it's a particularly fraught moment to stay connected through social media—particularly Twitter. Take care of yourselves, even if that means disconnecting a bit.

Stealing away for an outside takeout lunch feels really transgressive right now

So HBO Max has a *lot* of content, which is great. But it's not in 4K HDR—first world problem, blah blah, but it's $15 a month, and Disney+ and Apple TV+ do it at $7 and $5 a month respectively—and the UI's organizing principle seems to be "explosion at the DVD store."

Hm. Apparently HBO Max has nearly all of the new Dr. Who, from Christopher Eccleston up through the first series with Jodie Whittaker. I have seen…the season with Christopher Eccleston! And one episode with David Tennant.

It's an extensible authentication system in ~15 lines of PHP! I mean, it's not a *great* one, but look.

I think this PHP mini-project is becoming more of a programming philosophy test for me. Can my PHP code be modern without turning into decaf Java?

Realizing I left TeX-style em dashes (three hyphens: "---") in the FA version of "Checkpoint" rather than converting them. Oops. I should really automate that better.

social distancing 

This is an actual poster from the National Park Service and it's kind of great

I don't want to tell you to stop using Giphy now that they've been bought by Facebook, but I do want to suggest you consider how much you trust Facebook not to collect, indefinitely store, and monetize search and usage data from the service.

My favorite non-tiki bar has a regular cocktail called a Kentucky Buck—kind of a cross between a whiskey sour and a mule, with strawberries muddled in—and they have a bottled to-go version this weekend and it's AMAZING.

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