I have had my first Berliner Weisse beer and it is amazing.

A possible title card for the story, before Fur Affinity ruins it. (Instead, your social media server and/or client can ruin it!)

Me: I’m going with “Big Trouble” as the title for Nora’s story after all.
Muse: despite the wordplay
Me: Yeah, I guess it kind of grew on me.
Me: Should I start running?
Nora: Too late for that, babe.

Working on the vitally important task of finding a good retro font for the story’s title card when it goes up on Fur Affinity

I am leaning toward “Big Trouble” for Nora’s story title, which I feel both pleased with and vaguely ashamed of

On the whole I’m glad I came down to Dunedin today, as a reminder that Florida does, despite everything, have interesting places. Unless the politics dramatically improve, I will still leave when I can, but genuinely cool things do still lurk here.

Nothing says “Welcome to Florida” like noticing the brewery has a can of insect repellent by the door next to the hand sanitizer.

Oh, this brewery does karaoke on Thursdays! I'd better leave before I accidentally stomp it to dust in anger, er, enjoyment

occupied vehicle vore 

Have that image anyway, if you haven't seen it: art by Cougr for Vore Day 2020!

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Doing a web search for “1930s limousines” makes me regret that I never actually worked the image of Diana the sheep eating a limo into Moira’s story

Of course, I can counter that with, "by that measure, you started work a little after 6am, so just enjoy your damn beer and get back to writing macro noir fiction"

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I am used to sneaking out around 4pm to a coffee shop or brewery when I am finished with actual jobby-job work, but now that I am on the opposite coast of my employer, I'm thinking, "am I actually skipping out of work at 1pm?"

Nothing particularly surprising given what I've been talking about, but making it official: patreon.com/posts/next-story-7

Chipotle, Chiltepin, and Serrano have given me a joint statement noting that they are not associated with any other coyotes who may invoke non-specific peppers in their names. Serrano adds, quote, “That fucking poser.”

(While the context of that link surely implies the content warning I should have added, to retroactively be clear: vore, NSFW)

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So maybe I did get something quick done for Vore Day. Sorry not sorry: “Saida and the Muse” scraps.giants-club.net/saida-m

I've thought about a Saida vignette where her predator is @MuseCoyote but have not envisioned any details, particularly how meta it would end up being

So I bought "The Bad Guys" in ultra-HD 4K Blu-Ray other buzzwords format, because despite thin characterization, predictable plot, and gleefully non-existent world building, I loved it and think it has a solid script. Why? Near-magical character chemistry.

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