Okay, so I have pretty much derailed my train of thought tonight by thinking about busty giant skunks (maybe with unusual coloration; possibly but not necessarily demonic). I will make notes so she will come back for…something.

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I can't recall the last time I've had a giant skunk. Now I admit I'm picturing:

Saida: Mmmmf!
Skunk: Aw, I've thought about crushing people under my chest, but never have.
Saida: (gasp) good…
Skunk: (grins wickedly) First time for everything, though!
Saida: MMMMMF!

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more thoughts of cat abuse 

I wonder whether Saida should meet her end in a couple non-vorish fashions. Paws are obvious, although this thought stems from me watching a sketch of a cute skunk girl with a massive chest being drawn right now…


Thinking about Saida's reaction to being on a train being swallowed whole: instead of screaming futilely along with everyone else, she might be looking around thinking, "Welp, doomed again, but this is a fascinating new one."

Oh good, I've been writing the next Moira episode in an inconsistent tense.

Okay, the first two episodes of “WandaVision” are just…surprisingly High Concept Weird for a Marvel TV series. They are *so damn straight-faced* about being forgotten sitcoms from years gone by!

Someone from HR just said "we still have some opportunities for assimilation" in a very cheerful voice, and I'm not sure what she actually meant but now I'm imagining Aster the flower-coyote saying that just as cheerfully to a group of the imminently doomed

I'm on a "reunion" Zoom with current and former employees of the company I'm at (which is turning into a different company), and it's remarkable how many people who left over the past year or two left to…do nothing. Not laid off, just "I'm gonna take an indefinite break."

I've noticed that in every single photograph, no matter what the context is and how enthusiastic and smiley-smiley everyone else gets, my expression is always "yes, I am certainly here and that is definitely a camera"

Realizing this is the first year in two decades I’m not really going to FC (and the first in close to a decade I’m not on staff). 😿

Commission idea: Red Savina the dragon-coyote and her dragon-vixen girlfriend, romantically snuggling in the smouldering remains of downtown

Finished with the theoretically final draft of Saida & Autumn, although I should really give it a final read-through like a real novel. Which it is, which still kind of astounds me in some ways.

Followup: still a great movie. This clip, a set piece for the song “Running with the Wolves”, is one of the most beautiful, inventive pieces of animation I’ve seen: youtube.com/watch?v=RJFnUGSwXF

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Finally getting to watch “Wolfwalkers” on my big TV (yes, macro joke, ha ha) and good sound system. This could be a movie I buy on Blu-Ray once it’s available. It’s really amazing.

Soon I will be back in California, where I will need to self-isolate for 10 days with martinis

Fun fact: like members of the great cat family, Rha paw pads feel like velvet. So, when you imagine Saida picking you up and rubbing you gently between her palm pads, purring more loudly as you get flustered, you know what it'd feel like now!

macro trash 

Still inching out words. At least I have determined the answer to the question “at the sizes they both are in this story, is Saida as tall as one of Clover the rat’s nipples?” The answer is “not quite.”

It has sure been a rough twelve months since January 1st

Describing the view a train passenger has of the mega-giant who has her hand wrapped around said train, lifting it up from the tracks past almost the whole length of her body toward her face, is an interesting challenge…

Other future Saida misadventure thoughts: thanks to @ManyManyPenny and @VulpesMaximus’s Alice, some kind of digital predator. I’m still not sure how it’ll work, since I want her to be, well, not too much of a pastiche of Penny or Alice, who are both really compelling.

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