I should be working on the next screenplay scene, which is one of the big upcoming set pieces, but my brain is just not in gear for it.

Just handed my phone to a stage magician for a trick involving the calculator app, and then thought "I should maybe have gone into airplane mode to prevent any VERY UNUSUAL NOTIFICATIONS from popping up"

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Having a drink called a "Toucan Dance." Kailani wants to take it as encouragement, but it seems like a bad idea to me, at least until traffic outside the bar dies down.

It's probably all the "Veronica Mars" I'm watching, but I'm suddenly wondering about a macrophile detective story. Maybe with a size-shifter in the 1930s setting I have...

I should probably get a picture sometime of today's scene in which Red Savina demonstrates that she is, in fact, a dragon. It seems very... cinematic.

In the next installment of Red Savina, Harry tries to set his agenda in motion but Savina may have other plans; Gabrielle puts things together. patreon.com/posts/29328277

Lilly Wachowski has been loudly against reboots and remakes, specifically calling out the possibility of returning to "The Matrix" as "a particularly repelling idea in these times." She is not involved in the upcoming "The Matrix Repellant" (working title).

Creeping up on the next big scene with Red Savina in it. (The second scene with her hasn't been posted yet.) From this point on, she appears a lot more, and has more to do than just be big and scary. Although she does a lot of being big and scary. Always do what you're best at!

Nudged a long-standing male but pretty androgynous character of mine into being more openly non-binary and they're suddenly easier to play. (Not that they were too difficult before, to be fair, this just felt…more right?)

I shall avoid getting into arguments with friends over bad tech takes. I shall avoid getting into arguments with friends over bad tech takes. I shall avoid getting into arguments with friends over bad tech takes. I shall avoid getting into arguments with friends over bad tech

Meet this angry giant poodle girl who stomps the living crap out of anyone who gets into debates about "poodling"

Suddenly realized that the answer to "secretly edit other projects at work" is not some elaborate dance with a cloud service, it's just using an editor that transparently supports SFTP. Sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

There are so many services where I think "furry deserves a better version of this than *this.*"

F-List, highly dubious gender terms 

Update: I have discovered there are tiki drinks made with tequila and this is a wonderful horrible mistake.

Update: Kailani and I both like the Tradewinds, a rum drink with apricot brandy and coconut in it, and she has agreed not to see if I make a good garnish. Disclaimer: I do not. Pineapple and cherry on toothpick > wet angry cat

Kailani: We should go to Forbidden Island!
Me: What's that?
Kailani: A tiki bar.
Me: I thought it might be what you call yourself when you get really big and float offshore.
Kailani: Which flavor of mai tai do you wish to be a garnish for?

| I |
| ON |
| RIGHT? |
(\__/) ||
(•ㅅ•) ||
/   づ

I'm also getting an appreciation for how hard it is to make character moments feel earned in a screenplay. You have so little time to build. "Wait, Fred and Agatha just got together two scenes ago and now they're breaking up??"

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