I have a brand new laptop and a pretty decent home made mai tai, so I am surviving

You know, as much as I've been looking forward to my first Anthrocon in close to a decade this year, I'm sort of thinking, "is there really much chance the con is going to happen, all things considered?"

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I am not saying that Tallulah the otter dancing with @VulpesMaximus@twitter.com's Jaymee the tigress would be extremely hot, but okay I am kind of saying that

Virtual meetings: all the fun of an in-person meeting, with the added thrill of audio and video dropouts

I've been sort of listless in editing _Saida & Autumn,_ for which I apologize. I may try to get the edited version of the _Red Savina_ script out first: Savina is pretty popular for a character most of you haven't really read about yet!

Back at the corner store for milk because I am bad at “buy what you need for 1–2 weeks.” Also for Pop-Tarts because I am apparently nine years old now

My creativity has basically been dead this last month. It's extremely frustrating. What little energy I have seems to be focusing itself on web programming—although I'm also quickly remembering why I left web dev a few years ago.

For the record, this management company (who bought out the original, arguably better one) earlier described turning half the free parking spots into paid ones as, and I swear I am not making this up, "expanding our parking options."

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My apartment management company just sent out a stirring email concluding with "We stand ready to partner with our residents to navigate this unique period together," by which they mean (checks notes) "damn straight you still owe rent."

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Okay, Shadow Puppet's Blood Orange Lupi IPA is pretty darn good so far. 🍺

I have found a distillery that makes hand sanitizers in Old Fashioned, Piña Colada, Key Lime Margarita, and Lemon Drop scents: but they’re only letting you order packs of all 4, in 6-ounce bottles. So I’m saying I won’t need to buy any more for a long time.

Me: okay, if I can't get going on Kani's story again, I should really write another Moira vignette.
Muse: have you considered giant coyote'taurs
Me: I mean—
Muse: paws for miles
Me: Ah, sure, figuratively speaking.
Muse: that all depends on my size
Me: …

The ending of "Star Trek Picard" was extremely TNG, mostly in the best way.


Does it make sense for me to place an online order for pickup from my favorite microbrewery, which does not deliver and is 40 miles away, so I can make an 80-mile round trip just to support them? Yes. Yes, it does.

A comment made me consider what POV the two Moira vignettes are written in. They're technically limited omniscient, but they're almost "imaginary camera POV"; you're not in her head very much at all, and you're not seeing her effects the way she does. Hmm.

The common wisdom seems to be that Netflix has bad voice actors for their English dubs of anime, and okay—but at least for Beastars, the *translation* of the dub is leagues ahead of the subtitles. It's a little shocking.

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