This restaurant is nice but it's pretty loud, and right now it is hard for me not to picture a bunny woman glowering at the noise level

text-as-image snippet suggesting impending mayhem 


Apparently when I am stressed out I want to buy fonts.

If no one else from your team is in the office an hour after you get there, you can go work from home, right? This is surely some kind of ironclad office rule

macro, "helpful" muse 

If you're concerned about Google Fonts collecting information when you serve fonts from them, remember all those fonts are freely available—you can host them yourself. Sometimes Google doesn't have the most recent version of the fonts they host, either—for example, Source Serif has italics, but not if you get it from Google! Even better: you can use Font Squirrel to subset just the bits you want, potentially making much smaller files.

macro / venting 

macro / venting 

mean macro bunny musing 

us pol / debate 

us pol / debate 



grumpy macro 

cocktail failure 

Argh, somehow my Mastodon client ate the punchline for that photo, which defeats the entire point. Sigh. I reallllly wish the Twitterrific folks would have gone through with Tooterrific…

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