more utter (mega)macro trash 

An image occasionally in my head: looking down a city street, seeing a giant canine tongue sweeping up buildings, cars, everything. It's still far in the distance…but the upper jaws are already almost overhead.

teasing muse 

Me: I can't get the image of the coyote and otter mini-giantesses out of my head.
Muse: write a little vignette
Me: That won't help!
Muse: will showing you a coyote throat up very very close help more
Me: (eep)

I am absolutely not picturing a giant otter woman sitting on this ship, water streaming off her fur, grinning as she looks for interesting toys in the foreground marina while the tanker sinks under her weight. Are you?

The ham was very good and totally unnecessary. Also I have ALL THE PUMPKIN PIE left. Send help

And, back home after picking up Kitana to a power outage! This is good timing. 🙀

Yes, I am having a takeout Thanksgiving, but it's a serious one.

So I read the free preview of _Ready Player Two_ to see for myself. Could it really be that bad? I am thrilled to find it is much, much worse. Have you heard of prose that flies off the page? This prose clings to the page like fungus. It is amazing.

web nerdery 

HTML has a "description" list element designed for glossaries or file lists that seems to have been virtually lost to time, but I think I'm bringing it back for my as-yet-undocumented scraps section.

Me: I should have an online place I can just stick little story fragments to share if I come up with them.
Muse: if only you owned your own web site and domain
Me: Shut up.

utter macro trash thought 

Riona the 21' coyote and a similarly-sized otter having a meet cute argument over who gets to eat the guy both women simultaneously pinned underpaw

A tech reviewer I follow just used the phrase "Kevin Sorbo levels of disappointing" and I think that may have to go in my lexicon

This isn't a trolling question: does furrydom generate enough news to actually have a furry news site? The extant ones have…issues, but I wonder if the larger meta issue is that it's just not feasible. (Although I can present counter-arguments to myself here.)

It's irritating that, in 2020, whenever a social network or publishing platform uses "we support free speech"as a major talking point, it probably means "we're here for the Nazis the bigger platforms suspended."

politics, sort of 

Random FA note sender asking me for a Paw Patrol story, and I see his FA page has a photo of him in a Trump 2020 shirt. I would ask if he's actually read anything I've written, but we can guess the answer is "no".

Okay, so the next episode, “Great Friends,” is scheduled for tomorrow.

In my head, Briley sounds like Molly Ivins. One of you is probably giggling at that and the rest are going "what are you talking about old cat"

I like this episode, though. It's pretty funny (at least to me) but also gets unexpectedly emotional (at least to me). And it's another one where things I didn't know about before I started writing came up.

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Ah yes, first thing in running the grammar/spellcheck on this story: telling the computer "Briley" is not a misspelled name. (It's not even one I made up.)

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