I didn't notice I mistyped "Lady" as "Lazy" until it was pointed out. Hopefully Hazel will not eat me.

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"I swear, Lazy Hazel, are you ever going to stop trying to be a bad influence on my husband?"

Hazel gives him an incredulous look. "Pfft. Of course not."

TBH, the trailer for "Star Wars: Andor" looks better than the "Obi-Wan" trailers, but the trailer for the new Willow series (!) also dropped today and it…kind of looks better than both?

Oh, I guess a trailer has dropped for the new Disney+ series “Star Wars: Diminishing Returns”

So happy (and relieved, if I'm honest) the reception to the story climax has been positive. (Hang tight, FA readers, your posts are four weeks behind the Patreon but it's coming!)

transphobia (albeit mocking it) 

Bought James Acaster's "Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999" comedy special. It's from 2019, but the opening bit remains all too Relevant To The Discourse (tm). "What's the matter, guys? Too challenging for ya?"


And, episode #42 is up on Fur Affinity. (This is a pretty eventful one!) furaffinity.net/view/47361318

The penultimate episode of "Moira" is up for patrons! This is the big one, in several senses… patreon.com/posts/66814860

The cool thing about scheduling an episode for future posting is that when I fix a typo or tweak a word, now I have to do it in two places

Me: I’m trying to get the emotional impact in this next episode right.
Muse: you should feel like you were hit by a truck
Me: Well—
Muse: walloped by rubber mallets
Me: I don’t—
Muse: stomped hard by a coyote woman
Me: …should I start running?
Muse: sure, give it a try

After trying to do some ruthless editing, I have added 100 words. Sigh.

It is weird to realize there's only one more episode of "Moira" to write.

I apparently wrote over 1500 words today. Tomorrow will probably consist of making sure they make sense.

Remembering the “Making Prettier PDFs” document I made a while ago and…never did anything with. Hm. I should publish that.

As much as I love Epidemic Ales, I wish they'd turn down their music. It's 83+ dB in here, and that is approaching hearing-damaging levels. o.O

I could watch the new “Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers” movie when I go home, but I have already had my quota of alcohol for the day and I suspect it will require generous amounts

Okay, time to finish out at this brewery, as it gave me the ~1000 words I needed today. They have an oatmeal milk stout called "Defence Against the Dark Oats." Sold.

Update: definitely the longest. I think I shall wait until tomorrow to figure out a few loose ends.

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This may be the episode I officially title “Hares Are Bigger”

This is likely to end up being the longest episode of "Moira," which doesn't surprise me. I think I'm over the hump, and will at least be able to get to the part where [REDACTED].

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