There are not nearly enough crime procedurals or stories in general set in an anarchist society or something resembling it. I want to write my own bit I don't have the know how to write a crime procedural. But it wouldn't require a lot to change. Instead of a police precinct it's a hall organized with local volunteers with investigation training working closely with the people affected. Basically a bunch of private investigators working selflessly in a group and there's no state mite b cool

Please enjoy this lil sketch of Raik cosplaying Dr. Baldhead Faust from Guilty Gear

Seperation of church and state aside, the real reason you cant post the ten commandments at a courthouse is because it says such rules as "thou shalt not steal", "thou shalt not lie", and "thou shalt not commit adultery"in a building full of lawyers, judges, police, and politicians. It literally creates a hostile work environment.

Facebook gets US $40 million slap on the wrist for falsified video metrics that gutted the entire news industry

Though quite frankly, any 'news' organization that decided to just take Facebook at their word rather than investigating 'is this story true'.... kinda bought exactly what they got?

After finding that the FBI engaged in tens of thousands of “backdoor searches” through people’s communications, a secret surveillance court should have required the Bureau to get a warrant. Instead, the FBI just has to do more paperwork.

This is dire, tbh. I literally have the phone I'm typing this on and one set of backup phones that I have to split my apps between in order to ensure they don't slow down.

If anyone has anything they can ship my way, I'll take it. If anyone can buy something for me, I'll take it. Hell, I'll take an old Raspberry Pi or netbook if someone doesn't need one of theirs anymore.

I just need something I can use for my day-to-day stuff that doesn't have a 5" screen, even if it's not capable of gaming.

Imma just start calling the Confederate flag the Traitor flag. No reason to give lip service to that vie for legitimacy from racists.

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Big Blue. :D
Character I sold to Bugzeejr (FA) (2018)

Being non-binary fucking rules. There's like a big chunk of the population that thinks we kill god by existing and that's pretty fuckin metal.

Exclusive: Robber has decided to just take whatever’s in the register


Okay. So. This guy is an ignorant racist shithead. But he touched on something here that I’d like to go into more - why are there so many of these god awful Chinatown areas for these weird alien people to live in?


Pride chibi for YenaQueen on FA! These are now closed, but Ill do more next year ^^


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