A List of Licenses which Respect OUR Freedom! Fuck the FSF!


(dm me if you know of any to add to this list, particularly ones which extend different licenses, like the Apache 2.0 License or the LGPL)

liberals love to look at cuba, a country with the highest literacy rate in the world, universal free medical care, universal housing, and a carbon neutral economy and say buhhh but the cars are old and the paint on the apartment buildings is chipping

Constantly feeling like you're not gay/trans/enby enough is gay/trans/enby culture.

the furry agenda (shitpost, comedic use of CW feature) 

Supreme court of canada ruling: Police 

does anyone remember the days when you would boot up a computer, press the button labelled "teleport goat" four times and your computer would just teleport four goats

nowadays there are so many layers of abstraction and unnecessary calls to web microservices in the cloud that you'd be lucky if you could teleport a single goat in a fortnight

computer hardware might be getting more powerful over time, but that means nothing if the software is immediately taking every performance improvement and losing twice as much speed as it would have gained

it routinely takes my computer ten to twenty seconds before I can take a screenshot after I press the print screen button. is my computer slow? nope. is it doing something more useful than it used to? nope, snipping tool could start up instantly and take all kinds of wacky screenshots

or another example: the cloud. if you haven't interacted with "the cloud" as a developer, imagine if the shitshow that is the Google Stadia were applied to absolutely every part of a business

do cloud servers provide more flexibility than running things on "bare metal"? barely, if at all. are they more expensive and much slower? yes. very yes

software is definitely getting more complicated. is it getting better?


there's a reason JSON beat XML, and it seems we're doomed to re-learn that lesson over and over until humanity dies out

you could probably rip out 50-70% of the code running on any computer and not have any noticeable differences apart from the computer being significantly more responsive to user input, using less power, and crashing less

computers suck, and it's entirely possible to have them not suck this bad because they used to suck less than they do now

Far more people are societaly "normal" in some ways ("I like hanging out in Starbucks"), objectively but not culturally acknowledged normal in some ways ("I have terrible anxiety"), and outliers in others ("Also, I draw as my big hobby").

What I'm about to suggest is that you should let your freak flag fly *because it was never actually freaky*. The only reason not to be full on kigurumi-wearin'-furry-Gay-leftist-whatever, is playing normie to keep your day job.

autism grumping 

you ever notice that samus holds her canon from below in Metroid fusion because she’s weaker than usual, as opposed to how she usually holds it with her hand on top?

Just saw an ad for Amazon in which it was a bunch of warehouse workers assuring people that things didn't suck ass for them. Imagine being so abysmal to work for that you have to loudly insist you *don't* run a sweatshop. As the saying goes, "no smoke without a fire."

optical illusion 

How many of y'all are some variety of canine?

Pol, Hot Take 

when people in movies and junk turn into dragons its always like, "oh no, its so terrible, they've become the embodiment of their [envy/anger/greed] how do we fix this" and not like "wow you're a rad dragon now. i respect your life choices". i just think people should be more supportive

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