A fun character design commission for ToastyToastToast!
Skivvix is a pretty cool moth/Wyvern hybrid. Very enjoyable to work on ^v^

Thinking about what an accessible game engine would entail.

Imagine a game engine where developers could easily swap out spiders for other enemies if a player had arachnophobia.

Or a game engine that could automatically warn developers if things were hard to see with certain forms of colorblindness.

Or a game engine with braille
input device support.







It occurs to me that some of you young folk have always lived in this world of bountiful memes. New memes every day, big memes, small memes, niche memes, memes that make their way to the heart of the zeitgeist.

It wasn't always like that.

In my day we had only one meme.

We made that meme into an anthem. A flag. An identity.

All our base belonged to it.

The trick to being gay is to not go online. If you don't go online you cant fall in love with somebody that lives on the opposite side of the country.

the nice thing about skirts is that they commute with shoes

i mean pants sort of do but the commutator is annoying

I need help! not only with food but buying a mattress...please...? please...


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Could you recommend me any books (fiction/nonfiction) that helped you to either

* self-reflect,
* strongly reconsider the relation between yourself and the society you live in,
* or grow/change as a person?

If yes, which book(s)?

(Boosts welcome, I guess.)

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hey any in the fediverse do ref sheets? let me know! i need one. budget of $50.

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