NSFW Macro 

Why put out the word for a companion when ya can have the world broadcast your sexy rampage and gain some new good pets to help with the destruction

Whatever Burropaleta saw definitely got into his pants, I'm sure FodXP work helped much~

What's a godphant to do when he's wrecked your galaxy, sit back and admire the new beauty created by his subtle fun
Luckily le_trying from Twitter showed off my elephant well

Don't ya love to get a bite on the town, looks like the lil guy below got me wrong when I asked him out for a bite~

Oh well TehHairyGoat from Twitter will get used to the view

What happens when you're eating about in Kaiju season, well a big lewd view if you're in my town, they don't make clothes big enough, okay?

A cute nude alt of my big self by TehHairyGoat on Twitter

NSFW Macro 

Seems we've got another City State hold out, thinking they can trust in the pink wulf to keep them safe, well about that, he might be a bit too small to offer much resistance, least he was pleasurable~

Look at that, cute lil BigandBowtied trying to fend off big Apple, the sweet GiantChinchy greatly drew the "battle"

No, you see how you're holding, you gotten loosen up or you might crack it, don't wanna do that, will miss all the small lil furs, like that rabbit.

You know that lil Pokemon Shiki Shaka got a bit more to learn about big fun, hopefully the artist GiantBooneHusky bunny doesn't mind

Oh that's a good boy Collin, learning like a good pet I see, now ya know ya place for papa. Make sure you taste each toe to really know their taste

Fantastic piece from the fabulous anothermeekone, make sure to follow em and help me teach lil adorkablecollin too~

Oh yes, that pride of lions and their keep was delicious, not to mention the cities nearby BUUUURRPPPPPPPPPPP, that hit the spot~

Excuse me not getting up, had a good meal of the local life, wonderfully drawn by the sweet Yauhasart on Twitter


You be careful down there, that big pucker has got a grip, oof and now it seems like a planet or two, huff~

My lil Mocha_Aura from Twitter having playtime with my titanic tush, drawn by RackunWolf from Twitter as well

A fine how do you do today, my good micro, why me, I'm grand ole titanic Appledectomy and you've settled on my planet, now don't ya worry, I'm sure we can come to a gentleman's agreement~

A superb and wonderfully drawn piece from the artist themselves Jarggy on Twitter
Join their Patreon too! patreon.com/Jarggy

CW: Macro NSFW 

Even a big elephant like me needs a lil help and well fortunately Mocha and my Binturong are good pleasure pals up to the big lewd task, even as the city looks on~

Quite a sexy pic with my handsome fellas Mocha_Aura and YourDadRat on Twitter, drawn by the fabulous and talented AD_Teaselbone

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Art by the fabulous Pal_Pigeon on Twitter

You read the shirt, don't call me fat, call me enormous, or get a one on one with the gut to push the point~

Heckin awesome YCH offered by sstinkies on Twitter, lots of good content from them!

Crush, Gore 

Micros these days are heckin weak, a lil squeeze and they all turn to red, pitiful

Pop goes the Lizard, sorry ThatOneLizard2 from Twitter, least he drew it well

I should've dusted this lil planet off before I take a bite, but eh, i'm lazy, time to munch~

Seems the lil folks in Egypt are getting a good view of their new home, courtesy the sweet Twitter user Evert_Chimmy

I'll push ya over here... hmm nah over there, eh close enough lil cities

Another adorable sketch by the sweet Twitter user Evert_Chimmy
Aka an adorable cutie

Boo! Were you scared down there? What are these lil lights flying to my nose

Cute piece by the adorable Twitter user Evert_Chimmy
Go and give em love and a snug~

I'm sure the world's view of you is much more beautiful then that ball below, handsome lemur filling their skies~

Sweet gift from the adorable as always Maxpany2 from Twitter for helping with his tablet

Just a wrinkle of the nose and we nearly lost the lil lizard again, I swear lil fella should know where to limit his reach on me~

Cute lil request by ThatOneLizard2 on Twitter

Your city has quote a nice bit of seating for a big guy like me, the lil trains have nothing on the speed of my orgasm though~

A super unique YCH from BrekDaru on Twitter

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