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SO! Hullo! I'm Ace. Yes, it comes from Doctor Who. No, that name problem won't stick to be honest. but it probably will. I'm a , who doesn't have a fursona...yet. I'm a . I use and iOS. I'm a and yes, i do take commissions. I'm also a .

and I'll throw this out there too, I'm and i'm broke because of it. so should you ever have a couple of extra bucks, ask me for my paypal (i could really use it right now too).


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Story time! Please enjoy this brief one I’ve been writing these past few days, featuring three new Korps characters! Dr. Telomir, Agent Fosser, and Unit K-09.37.

(As always, the Korps is the creation of

nothing like asking for help buying food then someone sending you 5 cents and a trolly URL in the notes

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portland / read if you are attending counter protests 

asking for help 


Welp, my wireless mouse broke. the charging point literally pulled out of the device. *Sighs* i don't have the money to replace it. so trackpad use is about to annoy the hell out of me.

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Linux Help Wanted, Please Boost 

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asking for money 

So good news! i found my fursona. bad news! i need to get a new headshot. and full body. and ref sheet.

bad news! i have enough for MAYBE a headshot/bust.

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random art question 

artwork; commission advertise 

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ko-fi, square, help requested, wordy 

A plea 

Game for sale (cause i need food money) 

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It's exactly two weeks until my birthday! If you are the sort of person who is inclined to buy me a gift, here is a list of things I wouldn't mind having:

Explanation and an ask for help 

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Two instances hosted using Gab forked server software -- and, -- are being discussed on the Gab platform relating to their launch.

still asking for that help. 

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