This is the Setun computer

It was developed in 1958 at Moscow State University

It used ternary logic with a balanced ternary numeral system (which is to say, -1, 0, 1)

basically: NON BINARY COMPUTER FOR NONBINARY DAY! :flag_nonbinary:


someone who hoards RS-232 ports is commonly referred to as a COMpiler

pc builders: you need to leave room for airflow!! the GPU needs to be cooled down!!

meanwhile, in servers:


redbubble has my stickers finally approved

for whatever reason my raichu one ain't up, i don't feel bothered enough to fight it but my CPU stickers are now available!

By the way the phone she who must no be named is tweeting her TERF bullshit from runs on a processor architecture designed by a trans woman.

ARM (originally Acorn RISC Machine) is now the most produced (somewhere in the region of 150 billion CPUs) and arguably the most important CPU architecture in history and was designed by Sophie Wilson. Look her up!

Hmmmmmmm j'ai un doute mais normalement la roue va pas dans ce sens


L'excitation dans ce visage est tellement sincère et malsaine

Things I love about the label(s) bi/pan lesbian:

:heart_bi: It recognises that sexuality can be complicated
:heart_pan: It recognises that gender can be complicated
:heart_bi: Bi/Pan women are good, lesbians are good, together they're great!
:heart_pan: Very valid to have an attraction to men that is very specific and rare but an attraction to women and/or non binary people that is just :blobmelt:
:heart_bi: Labels are personal and important to the people who ID with them
:heart_pan: :valid:

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