Some sorta frilly dino thing design.
Weird side note, but when I first learned how to draw that kind of head angle as a kid I felt super accomplished and kept drawing it. So it's a bit of an inside joke with myself.

‪Diverging from the pattern a bit. Have one of the first doodles I’ve done on Procreate Pocket.‬

First world problems.
But I'm torn between two dark themes for my browser. One has more contrast that the other, as in the text is lighter.
So basically I'm stuck between being able to comfortably read the lighter or darker text colors used for the URL and menus.
Contrast balance is hard. Too high and the text is kinda painful, too low and it's kinda hard to read.

Having some technical issues with getting Chrome to upload so I'm using Firefox right now. It's pretty interesting, a lot has changed.
Anyway, have some doodles. They're a race from . My favorites are the ones on the right side.

Random creature design. I think I was considering getting into that market but then quickly realized that my taste in designs isn't exactly standard lol.

Today's been crazy so I almost forgot to keep up my daily upload. I think this is one of my 30min sketches I was trying to do daily at one point.
Also maybe I should start tagging what they've been made with.

So I just learned is ending service. Tempted to still use it regardless. It was the best one I've found, especially layout wise.
It does has a bug where it crashes if you try to save an image, but I don't tend to do that.

Any recommendations for an replacement? I'm sure more have popped up since I've last looked into things. But if nothing else I could perhaps go back to trying Amaroq. I'm happy with Tusky on Android so I'm set there.

Have a hatchling dragon!
A bit late since the 4th was busy for me. Guess I'll just have to post something else later today to make up for it.

Figured I'd post the first image of that fluffhoof character. Posting out of order feels weird but I thought the other one was better for the first post.

Need to start posting on socials again! Have an old sassy / doodle. Not quite a real OC yet as it's only been doodled twice.

I have such a love-hate vibe going on with Mastodon right now.

So why do I see a lot of food cw? It's not in the rules. Is it something from tumblr?

Any reason in particular that people seem to be moving to snouts and awoo? Is it just the closed invite appeal or am I missing something?

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