Saw floating around so figured I could (re)introduce myself!

I’m Zaf. I grew up in a not cool area of NYC.
I like to draw, mostly animals of some kind. Some other hobbies are gaming and reading, though mostly kiddy stuff.
My interests include science (bio especially) and linguistics. So I also like learning languages as a hobby.
I’m also pretty interested in computers. I’m not too knowledgeable besides the basics but I’m working on learning how to code more than 90’s level HTML.

Feeling the "doodling in school notebook" vibes right now.
Sometimes I wish I could draw really cute stuff. I'm okay with being better at other things though.

Honestly don't know what I was thinking when I made this. lol
Also posting the because I think the expression is a bit better there.

All these "quick" sketches are making me want to do a more in depth study of a photo. So I can get a result that matches the ref better.

Not feeling this one too much. I think I did a lot better with the previous one. Might just need more time to get used to the different proportions. Granted, the model did have an iffy eye.

Keeping up my streak but something different! for . At one point I was considering this species for a new sona because they’re way too cute.

Animated for . I wanted to try a real animation but couldn't figure out a few things between two programs. So I gave in and went the easy route.

Another for .
I wanted to test out painting again. Pretty fun!
It took a while to get used to everything, and more time had passed than I thought. So I rushed it into something I felt okay about posting. Lacks any real shading though.

Hmm still trying to decide if this month should have a theme for my art or if I can go without.
Pros of theme is less thinking required, less time wasted, gradually get better/faster at the theme.
Cons are being prone to artblock, wasting time deciding on a subject, getting kinda samey/boring probably for both me and viewers, can’t experiment with different things as easily.
I want to keep my daily streak going but not sure what’ll be best for me.

Figured that I should begin to post my yeenuary backlog now that the month is ending.
“Saw the tag and couldn’t resist an excuse to doodle a . A bit of a challenge in a moving vehicle!”

I want to start posting a backlog of art but I'm not sure what's the best approach. Don't want to just spam it in one go but I'm too distracted to keep up a pattern to slowly trickle out a few a day.

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