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"Yeah but what's in your pants?" I'm a four-legged wild animal, does it look like I'm wearing pants?

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Hey, PSA:

/You don't have to be anthro!/

Being non-anthro is okay!

You do /not/, under any circumstances, have to adulterate your form with a human body plan if a nonhuman one fits you better.

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Terran horribleness, therianmisia 

Repost from @moonbolt,

“they think they're an animal” tastes the same as if you described me with “thinks [wrong pronoun]'s a girl” and I won't fucking stand for it.

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you can cut the tension with a knife

but don't

the bridge needs it to stay up

I think we're getting better at telling who's thinking/saying what.

That's cool!

@Ylfingr @cdmnky monsterpit has a feature that makes the signatures show up differently from the rest of the post that makes it really clear that it's a signature

you can also set it to auto-sign posts for a particular person, if one person is fronting for a long time

Apropos of nothing in particular, periodic reminder that furry and anthro are not the same thing!

Things like Anthrocon make us feel excluded, because yo, /we're not anthro/.

Literal /definitions of furry/ that specify "anthro" or "anthropomorphic" are even worse. If you're doin' that, please stop. :pixel_heart_teal:

(and please don't start with the "anthro isn't about body shape" stuff. In furry, it's about body shape – besides the fact that we aren't human either.)

anyone here played X4? the space game, not Megaman. if so, how is it i'm thinkin' of gettin' it.

Do ya ever just wana step back...

...take a deep breath...

... And punch the 4th wall?

benign subpost 

Shoot ALL the Really Good Thought-Provoking Threads today, I guess! *wag*


Eating people is so much fun. :3

lewd / terato 

monsterfucking, but we are the monsters being fucked

libraries, surveillance, privacy, higher ed, $$ ask 

if you can, please join me in supporting someone standing up against the use of ed tech surveillance software. it's important.

they're now fighting a lawsuit intended solely to shut them up.



"I don't use pronouns and don't know anyone who uses pronouns!" Guess you've only got /amateur/ nouns then. >:3

beverages, – 

I put some sugar in our cup of too-bitter (it's unsweetened) coconut milk and uh. It was WAY too much.

I washed it out and put something else in there but it's STILL way too sweet.

i found out how deep the rabbit hole goes. it's like, a few feet. some rabbits were very upset by my incursion.

best flavor of cupcake

Having pals is great

I just want to do a shout-out to: friendship, the concept

Non-ironically, it's pretty sweet

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