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New avatar by my wonderful (head)mate @IceWolf!


[CW: Very Maw, intense expression although it's not /at/ you]

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"Yeah but what's in your pants?" I'm a four-legged wild animal, does it look like I'm wearing pants?

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Hey, PSA:

/You don't have to be anthro!/

Being non-anthro is okay!

You do /not/, under any circumstances, have to adulterate your form with a human body plan if a nonhuman one fits you better.

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Terran horribleness, therianmisia 

Repost from @moonbolt,

“they think they're an animal” tastes the same as if you described me with “thinks [wrong pronoun]'s a girl” and I won't fucking stand for it.

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@Ylfingr .hg Sounds like they're assuming a real|fake binary that doesn't exist.

We never really got the whole "the world is a simulation!" idea somehow implying "the world isn't real!".

Like sure it's real, it just has another one outside of it.

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getting /extremely/ philosophical, fiction, fictionkin, reality 

What I'm getting at is, quite possibly, /nothing/ does.

If you built a computer simulation with living, thinking people inside of it, it'd be real. It'd be as much a reality as our own is.

So when people dream up fictional worlds with living, thinking people inside of them... I'd argue maybe /they'd/ be real too.

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getting /extremely/ philosophical, fiction, fictionkin, reality 

... what does it even mean for a world to be real?

Like. I'm real. Unequivocally. I'm also something most people would deem Not Real.

Now... what if I were a character in a world Frost created? Because that happens sometimes. Characters come alive in their authors' heads.

Y'know the whole "what if our universe is a simulation"? Well... what makes fictional worlds /not/ that?

What makes our world more real than theirs?


in headspace just now @Ylfingr kinda flopped over and was like "come sleep on me"


How do macro furries eat

like do they go to restaurants with macro sized portions or just eat an entire grocery store in one go

We've started tossing some of our art in git.

Pity it's completely impossible to diff anything, but y'know.

thinking about that guy who led a DnD game for 16 levels in which an increasing amount of apocalyptic events were happening all focusing around plunging the world into eternal night or tilting it off it's axis or destroying the sun and such just to reveal the big bad of the story was a lady who was angry at the sun because it shone too bright in her study in the morning and they saved the day by buying her a curtain

words for lewd things 

We don't like the word "cum", but don't have a good replacement. "semen" works but sounds awfully formal.

We also don't like "dick" or "cock" but those at least have "shaft"/"sheath".

Like, two, two is a good number. Three? Three is too much! No, wait, four! X3

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okay I am holding Too Many Conversations At Once *flails paws*

(We upload duplicate avatars an _awful lot_ because we change pictures every time we switch.)

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Hot take: Matrix should deduplicate images, at least unencrypted ones.

If I upload the same avatar 50 times, you don't need to store all 50 copies completely independently. Just use the one you already have!

...hard vore 

Although really I'd prefer just ripping the heart out of some creature's chest. >//>

[Either willing, or already-dead-for-unrelated-reasons.]

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...hard vore? 

Mm, heart sandwich. *licks chops*

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