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New avatar by my wonderful (head)mate @IceWolf!


[CW: Very Maw, intense expression although it's not /at/ you]

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"Yeah but what's in your pants?" I'm a four-legged wild animal, does it look like I'm wearing pants?

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Hey, PSA:

/You don't have to be anthro!/

Being non-anthro is okay!

You do /not/, under any circumstances, have to adulterate your form with a human body plan if a nonhuman one fits you better.

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Terran horribleness, therianmisia 

Repost from @moonbolt,

“they think they're an animal” tastes the same as if you described me with “thinks [wrong pronoun]'s a girl” and I won't fucking stand for it.

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it's so funny when people think calling me a furry is an insult or negative thing

like yeah I know I am? hello?

If anyone happens to have a lead for remote work, I'd deeply appreciate it! Money is really rough at the moment, and I've really hit a wall.

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Bandcamp's terms of service are unexpectedly based.


"We may be required by law to remove music from our service, in which case you will lose access to it. Therefore, we recommend you immediately download any and all music you buy through our service and keep your own copy outside our control."

f(x,y) = ((-((x & x) ^ (17 % y))) | (((15 | y) ^ (y & x)) | (~(13 - y)))) % 5

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

reminder to self 

you're allowed to do things.
you do not need other people's approval for every tiny thing you do.
you do not need to ask permission.
you are allowed to like the things you like, even if others dislike them.
you do not need to like everything other people like.
you are allowed to have needs.
you are allowed to ask for help.
you are allowed to say no.
you have a right to exist, and take up space and resources you need.
you are allowed to not function from time to time.

"stuff goes away if you just outlaw it" is a common conservative mindset, also see: "there is no racism/sexism in america because it's illegal"

birbs, food mention 

several birbs surround me, waiting for me to accidentally drop bits of my oat bar

uspol Roe v Wade 

Explained in brief: the legal reasoning for overturning Roe v. Wade (US Supreme Court decision asserting a right to abortion) attacks the legal doctrine of the "right to privacy," which is not explicitly mentioned in the Constitution but for decades has been inferred from its text. The right to privacy is also implicated in decisions establishing other civil rights, such as Obergefell v. Hodges (made same-sex marriages legal across all states), Lawrence v. Texas (ended enforcement of anti-gay "sodomy" laws in various states), and Griswold v. Connecticut (asserted that married couples have a right to access contraception without legal restrictions). Of these, Obergefell looks especially vulnerable because it was relatively recent. We could see same-sex marriage go back to being legal in some states and unrecognized in others in a few years

Hey can we just stop the phrase "no uterus no opinion" or anything like that.

So many folks have to have emergency hysterectomies (ie removal of the uterus) due to pregnancy/birth related complications and I very much think their opinions matter.

Keep Fedi weird.
Keep it accessible to all.
Keep building truly special and supportive communities.
And keep it toxic to "influencers", corporate stooges, fascists and anyone else who wish to destroy what we've created here.

People in #Asheville organized an autonomous event centering mutual aid and grassroots abortion groups - and also made this amazing flyer critiquing the PSL, Stalinism + beyond.

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