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New avatar by my wonderful (head)mate @IceWolf!


[CW: Very Maw, intense expression although it's not /at/ you]

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"Yeah but what's in your pants?" I'm a four-legged wild animal, does it look like I'm wearing pants?

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Hey, PSA:

/You don't have to be anthro!/

Being non-anthro is okay!

You do /not/, under any circumstances, have to adulterate your form with a human body plan if a nonhuman one fits you better.

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Terran horribleness, therianmisia 

Repost from @moonbolt,

“they think they're an animal” tastes the same as if you described me with “thinks [wrong pronoun]'s a girl” and I won't fucking stand for it.

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It seems like opportunities to kinktease friends bring me out.

Argh, why do we get semi-regularly logged out when we quit the browser.

as we all know, red dragons breathe right-channel audio, white dragons breathe left-channel audio, and yellow dragons breathe video.

The CW system works /flawlessly/, though.

It's using the server-side fallback.

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Okay it does have one italic thing we added through CSS.


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... there's straight-up no styling at all?? What.

Not even background colors.

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Curious how it looks on the Wii too, since that's older, but we don't have the Internet Channel to test.

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Kinda curious how my site looks on the Wii U browser.

Is there a way in CSS to make scrollbars not push the page left when they appear, other than just showing the scrollbar all the time?

Sure it might /work/ but I don't wanna pull in a bunch of random NPM dependencies.

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Article: "Oh just use all these random NPM dependencies!"


Hey websites

why are you embedding Github things for your code blocks in your blog posts?

Even /besides/ the centralization aspects, that means your blog post changes if you update the code!

Then people wouldn't have to make new accounts /anywhere/ to read my stuff (assuming I manage to go through with implementing this).

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It'd be cool if Mastodon supported OpenID Connect as an identity provider.

Blorgh, Specs.

I hope we don't actually have to read the specs.

I COULD just use Dreamwidth.

But that takes all the fun out of it!

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