Been working a lot recently with very different hours and it’s kinda felt creatively stifling, but today on my day off I got a lot of words in that I think is some of the best writing I’ve done in a while, and I’m proud 😌

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Hi friends! Small reminder that I've got a Pride month sale going on that's 10% off paperbacks and ebooks (including pre-orders for Nevi'im)!

It really helps smaller creators quite a bit when you purchase directly through them, so if you wanna help out a trans author write gender-weird meta-furry science fiction or queer animals in flyover states or introspective essays, check it out :D

A friend that I know through work that I’m not especially close to is trying to set me up with some guy he knows, I think just because we’re both gay. Clearly well-meaning, but oh boy, he is not handling this the most tactfully. Extremely funny.

Every time I get an açaí bowl, as much as I like them, midway through I always realize I’d rather just be eating a bowl of fruit.

Giving it a little more time after finishing it, I feel fairly comfortable saying Inscryption slots right into my ‘all-time’ list. It took this long because I was initially a little put off by some of the aesthetics and themes of the game, but it managed to overcome that by telling a good story in an incredibly compelling and original way

The one and only thing I like about the second location I’ve just opened up at work is that we’re next to a pet store which means I get to see dogs walk in all day

Not that I actually tweeted very often anyway, but starting this move sooner rather than later seems prudent.

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