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Shapeshifter who doesn't have control over what creature they wake up as every morning

@Austin_Dern It's really hard to get size shifting clothes!
… and that's totally the reason and not because it's enjoyable or anything 😇

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I'm still amazed that a d120 is a thing that even exists. And so I have one now.

@salameleon I'm already getting ideas on how to use this die

Hi, I'm not asleep yet because my cat is currently requesting my attention and would like rubs and affection. This is an acceptable trade off

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@boobs_idiot as someone who works at one, we really appreciate you knowing either the pump number and/or the dollar amount that you pumped, if you plan to pay inside. Otherwise, if you plan to pay outside, most pumps should have step-by-step on screen instructions!

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I'm not sure if it's a good thing or a bad thing that my RSS reader is a more pleasant experience than actually visiting the websites.

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goofurs being like.. keep up the paste

@cynosura same situation here, unfortunately. Here's hoping things will look up for you and take all the time you need.

@monorail you know me and I'm quite honestly the worst player I know. Plus you're big and trying to use a small controller right?

That moment when you reflect on just how accepting your friends have been and you cry a little in a good way <3

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