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Ape Escape, but you're trying to capture Yari clones instead

I feel surprisingly good right now. Both of my tails are wagging (and taking up the remainder of a queen size bed. Seriously, they take up more room than a cat) and it just feels like an excellent peaceful night. All it's missing is some rain against the window

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I wonder if there's a way to turn a tv across the room into a third monitor for my computer without having to run an hdmi cable along the ground/wall. Watching movies or games that way would be neat but I don't want to move my desktop away from my desk just to plug it into the TV.

I think i'm making it official that Yari has two tails now.

I managed to use 17.78gb of mobile data last month, somehow. Thank goodness for unlimited >.>

I have a cat sleeping beside me in bed right now

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Apparently my french isn't as bad as I thought. I was able to roughly interpret some lines from french moomin episodes to english while we watched together before I fell asleep from a tiring day x3
Granted they were simpler lines but still, I did it!

My everything aches after bouldering but heck was that fun x3

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