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I just realized that outside of mastodon and the OOTP Forums (baseball simulation video game) I really don't browse many places unless I have to search for something on Qwant or DDG. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing or what this says about me.

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okay so uh

can people please cw disturbing imagery

I'm seeing a lot of people posting screenshots of the more disturbing pokemon from that trailer completely untagged and uh


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I'm still thinking about even anthro yari having two fluffy tails, each approximately twice as long as Yari's height. This is going to be a bit inconvenient and I'm enjoying it.

Also sorry coworkers for the tripping hazards 😅I'll try to keep them tucked under the register.

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I like the idea of werewolves using their transformations as exclamation points. Like they transform at the end of a sentence to emphasize something they just said

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