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Macro/Micro Account 

While I don't post it as often as I used to, you can see my size related shenanigans on The Resize Club at
This account also effectively works as my AD even though I'm usually never lewd. As usual, things will be CW'd on it.

Twitch Stream, F1 2020 

Posting from here for a minute but I'm planning to stream in about 40 minutes or so. I'll be doing an F1 2020 multiplayer event race. I'll be live at at the top of the hour.

Ripcord Feedback 

@cancel I decided to give ripcord a try and I'm very much liking what I'm experiencing so far, excellent work.

My only comments currently are that the message timestamps in discord in the dark modes are still very hard to read in version 0.4.19 without a custom theme where I use cfcfcf instead of 494b4e. Additionally, a way to mute all text channels in a server by right-clicking the server name on the list on the left side would be useful eventually.

Bouldering, video game gun (mention) 

Had a blast with a friend when we went bouldering and after we hung out playing Enter the Gungeon together. Unfortunately, I got emergency called into work because our closer went home sick. However, the time spent with friend was well worth it and would gladly do it again <3

Le Mans, Silly, Macro, Paws 

I promise that I'm not sleeping on the entirety of le mans this year, I am sleeping beside it. See if you look on the feed you can see the black of my toepad!

Macro, Taur, Baseball 

Still working with the current mental image of Yari peering into stadiums with the awe of a kid attending their first ballgame. Except that Yari's literally sitting outside the stadium and peering in over the stands in order to watch the game, their taur form probably blocking traffic if the street outside the ballpark isn't closed due to the event. Somehow, they managed to find a hat that fit too and they're proud of that!

Mood (~), also plushies 

How does one get a plushie big enough for a megamacro sergal? Also a blanket?

It's that kind of day where we're not going to leave the house again. We need some recovery days.

I should get art of taur yari relaxing and listening to music some time.

Pride, plural 

We're all asexual in this system and we're okay with this :asexual_flag:


We just noticed again how deep our voice gets when Airamis fronts. It's interesting how we all have different voices in this system.


Somehow had a dream that touched on: getting a new job, unknown evil corporate plots, time travel, them mucking up said time travel, star trek, micro, energy drinks, minecraft, and then my current workplace. All of this in the same dream.

Macro, Taur, Accidental Destruction, Baseball 

The scout told me that I have "good range" and "can cover the entire field" so I figured I'd swing by for a tryout. I just wanted to play center field, sorry about stepping on the ballpark and all.

Art: WizLicos

Ape Escape, but you're trying to capture Yari clones instead

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