Someone: Tag yourself!

Me: Hmm, I don't see crippling self-doubt and cynicism.

Game of Dragons.

It's basically Game of Thrones, but with Dragons.

And it's just the sexy parts.

Me, waking up in a panic: OMG, I forgot! I promised by friend I'd go out and feed her dog while she's out of town!

Then: Wait...that was like 10 years ago. WTF brain?

I've reached that level of procrastination where I'm actually willing to talk to other people just to avoid doing work.

Finally finished reading the last Magicians book. It's interesting, but I think I like the show a lot better. There's such little characterization in the books. And each one spans like 5 years so everything is so rushed.

At first I was like, wow, they changed a lot for the show, but I completely see why. The way the books jerk from scene to scene would never have worked.

Me, an idiot: My pawbs!

You, a doctor: Pawbius.

I hate to be such a downer, that shit just makes me angry and I had to get it off my chest.

More light-hearted posts coming.

I despise hero worship.

I hate how people act like the most basic statement possible is somehow profound, just because a well-known person said it.

*knocks on door*
Yes, hello. Do you have a moment to talk about snoot boops?

Singing this in my head so I could write it was physically painful.

Somebody once told me the world had a girlfriend who looked like the sharpest tool in the shed.

The doors shut and lock.
A projector fires up and displays the words, "Sometimes it's nice to be alone."
"Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk," I say.
The words echo.
The room is empty.

Every time someone wishes animals could talk, another furry is born.

It seems a little redundant that we have both bats AND flying squirrels.

I've recently gotten a bunch of fun new commissions.

(The middle two of me and my boyfriend are animated gifs.)

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