Preparing myself for one of those "The last message you sent is how you die" memes by constantly spamming out the word "pizza" to everyone in my contact list.

They brought in pizza at work. I And there's till like 7 or 8 full boxes. Whole pizzas, completely untouched.

I'm going to die. From pizza.

Be the shitpost you want to see in the world.

"OMG, I'm screaming!" I shout as the masked man stabs me again. "I can't believe this!"

"Please don't call me out like this," I scream a the empty and abandoned house that is slowly crumbling from neglect.

Me, deciding to be Furry: Hmm, how can I combine my love of animals with my desire to be ostracized by society...Ooh, I know!

If I bite into something and it tastes sweet/good I'm immediately suspicious.

"What's your game here? How are you secretly terrible for me?"

My archenemy lives in the same state as me so I'm moving to a different state where a different one of my archenemies lives.

That ain't it chief
Dubious sergeant
It's unlikely lieutenant
Either way captain
Somewhat likely major
Probable colonel
This is it deputy

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Lycanthropy outbreak! Dozens of werewolves have appeared. They're chasing people down. Oh no, they caught someone. They've knocked the person to the ground and are ripping into...their clothes and...

Wait are they...?

Oh, this is a porn.

As someone who has never watched GoT, there's a part of me that wants to, just so I can experience the trainwreck of an ending so many people have talked about.

But (and this comparison has already been made by others) I've watched plenty of animes that were amazing but then caught up to the source material and tacked on a crap ending, so...been there, done that.

🎶 Two wolves chillin’ in a hot tub 5 feet apar-
2 feet-
One wolf just put its arm around the other. Now they’re-
Ok they’re probably gay

It's always fun spending hours creating an instructional document for work, and then having someone say "Hey FYI, in case you didn't know about this" and them sending own document.

Yes. Yes I knew about it.

Me, before the internet: Eh, I'm not really a fan of beans.

Me, after the internet: OMG, I love (toe) beans!

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