As an update: My vision does seem to be getting better, though I'm disappointed I didn't get the miraculous, instant 20/20 vision people talk about. But things are a bit clearer and I feel more confident about driving (though I still can't read street signs).

I'm not getting headaches from reading anymore. And I can see the TV and such better.

I am, however, still trying to reach for my glasses when I wake up or get out of the shower.

You know, after a lot of careful thought and consideration, I've decided to just not do any work today.

Leaving work yesterday there was a goose...right in the middle of the road...just standing no fucks.

Me: *exhausted to the point that I slowly melt into a puddle on the floor*

Someone: That's kinda hot.

Me: OH

Does anybody else remember when two Russian girls pretended to be lesbians as part of a marketing ploy for their music, and it was still considered to be the height of LBGT representation?

The early 2000's were weird.

Browsing stock images you find some of the weirdest things. For instance, I am 99% certain that every person in this photo is a sociopath who hasn't quite learned how to fake the emotion "happy."

People always use these weird and funky outfits for these kinda things, but personally I want to see everyone's fursona wearing this and nothing else.

A very small, yet assertive werewolf appears at your door and declares you now belong to him. He only comes up to your waist. What do you do?

There's actually quite a few things that I could be doing, partially because of rather than despite my current limited vision.

I am, however, very dedicated to procrastinating.

Hello and welcome, this is the internet.

Five seconds later: Oh no, it's bad.

turns out birdsite is locking out users for tweeting out this, very specific, pikachu shocked meme image

I'd like to remind everyone that today, just like every day, is Cat Appreciation Day. If you haven't appreciated a cat today, drop what you're doing and get to it!

So I'm currently just stuck being nearsighted and not being able to do anything about it

Supposedly my vision will continue to improve, but at the moment I can't even drive, so that's going to make work very difficult. I"m not even sure if I can see well enough to work, but I can't take off weeks at a time to wait for improvement.

Right now, this really just sucks.

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