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Oh I haven't shared any

I'm Val, and I enjoy drawing emotional art, tasteful nudity and body horror.

I'm a parent to two snakes; Athena (Hognose) and Thor (Ball-Python)
Apart from drawing do I enjoy plant care, cooking and gaming

My pronounces are they/them and she/her
I'm Swedish and knowing a tiny amount of German

Also enjoying Synthwave music
Some of below!

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Kernas visiting the Priory’s special collections on some arcane business. Don’t forget to trim your claws!

For the prompt TOME from my patron Kuragari—thank you for your support! 💖

(The special collections are one of my favorite places from the game, they’re just so cozy?)

Just this shift today then I got vacation

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New profile icon of my jaguar fursona by @saynajaye!

If you’d like to get your own icon for Pride Month, Sayna might still have a few slots available!

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Fluffy and Keeya having loads of fun on a little boat trip. Only the weather could use improvement I guess.

#b3d #guildwars2 #charr #mastoart

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My first premade avatar, a black jaguar—ready for Pride Month with a little splash of rainbow.

I’ve kept this first version simple and lightweight (23k triangles) but plan to add customization options in the future. He’ll be available for purchase on Gumroad and other stores soon—hope you like him!

I feel no shame for eating two bars of chocolate today

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Riza's perfect vacation: sun, surf, a drink in hand, and a fish on the line!

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This week’s prompt is FULCRUM from my patron Ripa, and our two charr have kindly volunteered to demonstrate this physical concept, with the help of a barrel of Blood Whiskey. Or two.

As always, thank you for your support! 💖

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Finished this drawing! Yuka isn’t very big, which is useful for him when he sneaks into houses at night looking for candy and other sweet treats. He was originally a Starry Draik on Neopets.
#MastoArt #Yuka #Dragon #OriginalCharacter #Night #iPadPro #Procreate #Hummingbird #Draik #Neopets

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