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For my for this instance:

This is Gabe, although I do have several other names here and there, I'm Venezuelan and migrated to the UK, to marry and live together with @SeleneEllinoth after more than a decade of long distance relationship, this is certainly an after dark account and would appreciate avoiding linking it together with my main 🙏

This account will mainly be used for boosting NSFW content rather than posting any, so I'll keep it marked as such.

Happy Pride all of y'all ~ 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

nsfw gay muscle magic bondage 

Commission for BradenWolf on Discord

Mages have their ways of having fun ;9

Wolf Bull Muscle Gut punching gay smex 

Weekly Sketch 10 - A Mad Dog's Training - Freddy x Djoser (Dislyte).

Hi-res versions are available on patreon

leaking lingerie nudity mature hairy 

What does everyone think of my new lingerie? Looks pretty good right?

Old art again - decided to post some heartwarming picture from Gaiasangel ( which is back from way long ago.

This is my current logging screen for windows and one of my most favorite pictures
Art by Lapres ( - the purple dragon is @DragonFlayer's eastern form and the anthro is Selth who belongs to me.
inspirations from the neverending story - read the book or at least watch the movie for a great time.
My parents had to confiscate the book so I'd sleep at night when I was a kid, that's how good the book is.

old art today, but one I still love a lot. featureing eastern Gabe from @DragonFlayer and Feral Selth from me.
art by Torchembers (

How about a phoenix, rito style, for a change? her name is Caroline.
the artist for this one is Essence_Of_Rapture ( and they have done so many more pictures like this.

This orange jockstrap looks good on me doesn't it? 🧡 💪

for a pace of change, have two kobolds in love, Sephira and Gabe (from @DragonFlayer) - they look so happy.
Art by Orcaowl (

naked (art reference) 

Here is a reference picture done by Uni ( in April 2018. I still use this as a reference those days for new art (which I haven't commissioned in a while).

@Liberonscien a fair bit? I also have a ref but this is the first pic I have on hand.

first art from Neltruin ( is here - this is a reference, the SFW version too. there exists a nsfw but I'm not sure what I can or not post.
- the post exists on FA at on my account.

nsfw bondage, latex furry art 

maybe one more (nsfw) by artist Vene ( of a western version of myself with @DragonFlayer's eastern version.

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