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New instance suspended:
baraag (dot) net

Allows non-CW porn, including implying underaged porn of fictional characters


New instance suspended:
albin (dot) social

Datamining/tracking for ad targeting
Not stating they are a Mastodon fork clearly
Very bad account policy (paid accounts to remove ads)
Rules and tos are not on about/more but external site


New instance suspended:
newjack (dot) city

Suspected datamining, no rules, no human user


We made a choice regarding fonts emojos.

While they can be fun to use, we think there is too big a risk for spam.
But more importantly, it also means it can make it hell for those with screen readers or other conditions, and would require a CW that may not be respected by everyone, even unknowingly.

Thus for now, we won't add any fonts emojos, we hope you understand, we may reconsider our position later, but currently, user accessibility and spam are our main concerns regarding them.


Instance rules updated:

-Rgarding the CW and post privacy regarding previously called "AD posts" to clarify and update our take on the matter.

-Correction Of misspellings, and overall clarify of the text.

-Addition of the newly suspended instance.

You may read the updated ruleset at
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


New instance suspended:
socnet (dot) supes (dot) com

No proper rules or moderation


We are now on the v2.5.0RC1 version of Mastodon, wich support Federation Relays

We have activated the relay.


⚠️ We will update to Mastodon v2.5.0RC1 in a few minutes.

ℹ️ The SSL Certificate has been renewed on the new server.

(And of course, Mastodon was compiled with jemalloc, which limits the memory footprint to have more capacity)

Specs of the new Server :

CPU : Intel Xeon W3520 (8x2.66Ghz - 4c & 8t)
RAM : 16GB DDR3 ECC 1333 MHz
HDD : SoftRaid 2x2To SATA

The migration was longer than expected (no kidding), but everything is OK.

ElasticSearch has been disabled for now because we want to tune the server's to support the future loads.

We're up ! We are going to have some lags for half an hour because we have been off the grid for a while. But we are alive!

It's time for migration. We stop everything in a few minutes.

See you later :)

⚠️ We have a lot of network issues and swear to be resolved tomorrow with the migration planned. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Migration plan:
DNS will be lowered to a 10-minute TTL.
The new server will be configured with a test instance to make sure everything is working well. will be shut down for approximately 3 hours.
The database, as well as all content, will be repatriated to the new server.
New instance start.
The old server will have a proxy to the new server, during the DNS migration times.

If all goes well. We start the migration at 2:00 PM GMT + 2. We reopen at 6:00 PM GMT + 2.

ℹ️ The migration is scheduled this weekend.

⚠️ was updated to the v2.4.4 of Mastodon.

No new features, just Security fixes.

⚠️ We are currently experiencing network problems (thank you Scaleway).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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