After close to 2 years of meowing on the fediverse, we decided to open donations for meow!
Currently they will be used to pay @Nomaxice for his full time moderation work on meow.
Depending on how things evolve from there, we may dedicate some of the funds to pay for the hosting fees (currently handled by @Tiwy57 )

You can do a one time donation at

Or chose to do a recurring donation on

Any donation, no matter how small, is appreciated!

@lyze Uh, that's odd, gotta see with Tiwy what's going on

@TransparencyReports @Nomaxice @Tiwy57 Do you have a payment option for people refusing PayPal? I'd like to send 12€ per year via SEPA or MasterCard

@ranlvor @TransparencyReports I'm afraid none of the services we have currently allow that for meow specifically. Though I did set up a patreon account, which allows should allow card payments. That would just change from sending 12/year to 1/month if you so wish.

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