We made a choice regarding fonts emojos.

While they can be fun to use, we think there is too big a risk for spam.
But more importantly, it also means it can make it hell for those with screen readers or other conditions, and would require a CW that may not be respected by everyone, even unknowingly.

Thus for now, we won't add any fonts emojos, we hope you understand, we may reconsider our position later, but currently, user accessibility and spam are our main concerns regarding them.


@TransparencyReports When we get them from other instances, are these going to be stripped out, left as unicode, or still present, just not accessible through the emoji menu? Just curious.

@floatoverblow for now it just means you won't be able to add them in meow posts, they won't be in the emojo picker
We have not decided whether or not we will entirely block them for now (aka they would only show the shortcode as plain text)

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