17 days till the suits pretend to care about our rights

@TrackerRoo I can't wait for Pride Robitussin to stick around for half the year again


Supreme Court: *Does a Thing*

Them: "Oh noooooooooooo...oh well."

@TrackerRoo @6EQUJ5 more like them: *silence while also handing money to politicians in favor of the thing the politicians did*

@TrackerRoo Suits: "minorities are important, we are pro-diversity"
Also suits: "we will do the bare minimum to support disabled people because they are a minority"

lmao they don't give a shit about minorities, they care about branding.

@kookie T minus 16 days till corporate pride bandwagon day

@TrackerRoo damn, just when I got used to last year's being over

@Reiddragon In a couple weeks, Starbucks will have you covered. One month only though, they can only handle so much gay.


🚪 🏳️‍🌈 :blobcatreach:
Just gonna put this away for a month

@polychrome Better than the corporates, they bust out the flag for a cool 30 days and don't want to see or hear about "the fags" again till next year.

@TrackerRoo I miss pride before all the corporate sponsorships, mostly because there were a lot fewer cisgendered straight people there.

@TrackerRoo What's funny is that
They Keep Perfect Track of "24 hours till back to "normal""
Being Frame Perfect to switch everything back
and yet, they fail to keep track of critical fails on their systems or services
what in the world has society turned into?

@TrackerRoo I'm starting to like having May as a buffer between autism awareness/acceptance month and Pride commercialisation month...

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