This guy is more worthy of our attention than the kid whose daddy paid for him to go to almost space.

@TrackerRoo it’s funny, over the the twitter dot com, there’s some leftist going out of their way to shit on this person and they’ve basically put themselves in a shitstorm, and I’m like… why?

They keep parroting specific right wing buzzwords too.


@RussellTheFox Because Dems who aren't progressives are just closet Republicans. Conservatives have drifted to the right and taken centrists with them.

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@TrackerRoo what got me was their very specific wording of “stop bringing your sex fetishes to rallies” and I’m like…it’s not though??? They call the fursuit here “sex gear” lmaoo

@RussellTheFox Oh that tool, yeah I saw that. He made that comment just another hill to die on.

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