This guy is more worthy of our attention than the kid whose daddy paid for him to go to almost space.

Suiter is @Apollo_Ilios on bird site and he's been protesting in fursuit after being fired for organizing a union at his Starbucks location.

@szymonbrycki Depends on the State, some of them are shitty even by US standards. For sure not a good look for Starbucks though. Not sure why people keep going to non union locations. Just boycott them.

@szymonbrycki @TrackerRoo 100% legal under states that have "Right to Work" laws, which is an intentionally misleading name for laws that let companies say "We can fire you for any reason whatsoever except discrimination, if you can prove it".

@szymonbrycki @TrackerRoo @faoluin it's legal in England too. Discrimination cases are extremely hard to fight against. They rarely end up in a tribunal

@szymonbrycki @TrackerRoo In Switzerland, if I know my working contract laws right, firing somebody on the simple premise they are unionizing is considered wrongful termination and can lead the company in big problems.

Simply put, effectively unthinkable in Europe ^^"

@l4p1n @szymonbrycki @TrackerRoo it's technically illegal in the US too but it's rare for them to actually get in trouble for it. It seems like the government is getting pretty fed up with Starbucks though, they're already under investigation for other illegal union-busting activities.

@TrackerRoo Can't wait to hear he's one of the figures in the history books used in schools to teach about the labor movement.

@TrackerRoo it’s funny, over the the twitter dot com, there’s some leftist going out of their way to shit on this person and they’ve basically put themselves in a shitstorm, and I’m like… why?

They keep parroting specific right wing buzzwords too.

@RussellTheFox Because Dems who aren't progressives are just closet Republicans. Conservatives have drifted to the right and taken centrists with them.

@TrackerRoo what got me was their very specific wording of “stop bringing your sex fetishes to rallies” and I’m like…it’s not though??? They call the fursuit here “sex gear” lmaoo

@RussellTheFox Oh that tool, yeah I saw that. He made that comment just another hill to die on.

image description 

a person dressed in a white furred canid costume. The fursuit in turn is dressed in jeans and a Starbucks uniform consisting of a green apron & t-shirt. They are energetically waving a placard with "UNION YES!" written on it, but the O is the Starbucks logo. They are standing outside a Starbucks Coffee place. The sunlight catches the camera lens & the scene and gives it a heroic quality 🪧💚

TrackerRoo explains who it is and what their role has been here:

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