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My car died as I was driving around a round about. Luckily there was a church right there for me to coast into and I pushed my car into a parking spot.

About a mile walk home, which isn't bad. All in all it was a good place for it to die on me. Anyone who could have came to get me was at work so I'd have been stranded for who knows how long.

One of my roommates is worried about his manager finding out we are moving sooner than he originally said. But like dude, he should know you live with your older brother and he got his work transfer approved last week.

Cant really hide it for long, we are moving. Don't get the logic there. His brother owns the house, he is selling the house. Clock is ticking and he wants to avoid applying for his transfer because he said it would be August not knowing it would work out to be June 🙄

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homophobia, important 

Please keep an eye out for people trying to brand monkeypox as a "gay disease", explicit or otherwise, and push back hard and early!

I've already started seeing the same kind of "the damn gays fucking everywhere" rhetoric that also popped up during the first years of the AIDS epidemic in the US. That rhetoric was directly responsible for (tens of?) thousands of deaths.

We absolutely *cannot* afford to let homophobes gain control over the public narrative around monkeypox, and let them use it to once again kill queer folks by denying them crucially important healthcare. :boosts_ok_gay:

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From birdsite 

If you’re in the UK and use PayPal this is not good.

Tl;Dr PayPal removing financial ombudsman protections. Thanks Brexit.

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RT @HarleighDog
With Pride month coming up, let's just get this out of the way now:

Pride is about our liberation.
Kink belongs at Pride.
Cops do not belong at Pride.
Pride is *still* a protest.
Stonewall was a literal riot.
There is no LGB without the T.

Thanks for coming to my TED Talk.

If the Elon scandal isn't called Elongate our society is truly lost

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