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Song Lyrics, MULTIPLA 

C'est la teuf dans le Multipla


T'es le roi du futur de toi, quand t'es à côté de moi dans le Multipla
T'es le roi du futur de moi, quand j'suis à côté de toi dans le Multipla


Bon c'est quand qu'elle arrive la dernière update de sécurité de Mastodon lààààà

Don't talk to me about NFT or I'll go nuts

It's already been yeeted by another mod, but wow checking my meow inbox I saw a freaking BS reg request so, to make it clear

Meow does not support blockchain crap. If you ask to join because you're looking for "freelancing opportunities in the blockchain space", you're in the wrong neighborhood.

We support artists that want to develop their community, but not a scam that worsens the condition of our already beaten up world.

Welcome to
No NFT here, but we have cookies.

Sorry if it's slow but I'm doing full speed backups, I forgot the speed limits

Being woken up by the NAS screaming to death because a disk has been kicked out of the RAID. My night is ruined.

How to gain perfs on a old laptop :

- Disable GPU Hardware Accelerating is running on the new server.

We can't be reached yet, but by the time the DNS spreads, we'll be back.

Migration planned, we will go offline at 1PM CET/UTC+1, aka in about 2 hours.

As I'm a bit fed up, I've decided that for each hardware problem, I'll buy a new server.

An SSD that craps out for no reason is not normal.

Besides, you really don't need to have any balls or personal pride to do that on Christmas day when I'm far from everything, with my family, and without a mobile network

Bad luck, my grandmother has internet.

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I have deleted the account and I have the information about the person who registered the account and therefore impersonated to sign up.

Action will be taken.

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To the asshole trying to register an account on CloudFlare usurping

Fuck you.

oups, je respecte pas les propres règles de mon propre serveur 🙃

j'ai des réactions à chaud qui sont vénales parfois

Votre profession ?
Rebouteux ! C’est moi qui m’occupe du redémarrage des PC et serveurs :)

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