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Il fait beau, il fait chaud.
Et si on confinait ?

J'ai envie de crever.

Thinking of leaving OVH and go to Online, after discovering that RBX has a wooden floor.

You really have to be a bad person to make jokes about OVH on fire, "Clouds factory", etc...

Think of the desperation of the sysadmins who will have to work out a Disaster Recovery Plan over the next few days, who won't be able to sleep, or who will be fired.

The material losses, the fact that all this will have to be rebuilt.

The loss of data.

Yep, fire is not the only thing that causes damage.

There is a major fire in progress at OVH on the Strasbourg site.

Meow & the backup server are hosted at OVH, but respectively on the Roubaix and Gravelines sites.

There will be no disruption on our side.

Well, SBG1 has burned, literally.

Fortunately, meow is on GRA1 and the backup server on RBX3.

"please reduce disk load or use faster disks"

maybe okay why not. It's true that SSD is already not fast enough. Let's run meow in RAM.

I have nothing else to do than test the 5.1 Home Cinema with a THX effect sound in HD 5.1 at 7.20am on a Sunday morning.

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