I yell every day that the official allergen list does not include "Poultry meat".

Every day I have to check the list of ingredients of what I eat, at best it is indicated, at worst I risk asphyxiation.

Linux, audio, command line, tricks 

I had some problems with Bluetooth under Linux and shutters in the sound (especially when resuming playback)
I solved my problem in three / four commands:

> apt install rtirq-init
> add "threadirqs" to the list of kernel boot parameters
> update-initramfs -u
> update-grub


@gorol Good question, it's been a long time... Plus It was also before we could put the reasons for the suspension on the record.

So I don't know anymore. 😧

when you die your voice is added to the THX sound

in a cosmological sense, we are all just part of the THX sound

Ready for a Ride with The Rocket
(not my bike, i'm a passenger)

🏍️ : Kawasaki Z1000SX

out-of-body experience, thoughts about life and the universe. 

Well, at first I was skeptical. But now that I've been able to replicate the experience, I'm convinced.

Astral exits are so cool. 🤯

...I think I'm in Phase 1 of the New Language Acceptance Guide.

1. Hate this programming language.
2. Dislike this programming language.
3. Hey it's not so bad after all.
4. ...
5. Getting married with this programming language.

We are no longer considered persons. Just creatures.

Now on meow.social.

@kdy la version a c'est pour l'event de pâques

Donc le serveur a décidé tranquilou de se faire sa petite synchro RAID, comme ça.

En faisant planter tout les services, au passage.

Bien, bien.

⚠️ meow.social has been the victim of an attack on the second server that takes care of the big part (database, and media).

OVH appears to have mitigated the attack by redirecting it to the mitigation infrastructure. This resulted in "temporarily" cutting the links between the main site (web architecture), and the database (back).

The attack stopped as fast as it came. Everything went back to normal.

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