@ZephyrArcturus oui mais, il sera livré Mardi, Lundi étant ferié !

Are we taking the rainbow off the meow.social mascot in a week? It's your decision.

*still waiting for my steam deck purchase*

We are recovering from a Cold Boot. Services are restarting.

@kdy on est : beaucoup

et ça tourne sur une seule instance.

Long toot, edit button in the Fediverse, debat 

@Freakus @Nomaxice @SeleneEllinoth The fact that, for me, a message remains unalterable is not a bad thing.
You can also add details to the original toot, by replying to your own toot... If it's really about typos, then it's too expensive to implement.

In short, we could debate this for hours, but for me it's a small feature that's too big.

Long toot, edit button in the Fediverse, debat 

@Freakus @Nomaxice @SeleneEllinoth Also, how to keep a history, how the clients (the app) will understand the functionality, and develop a whole server-to-server protocol behind it. And how to handle integrity, old versions ...

When we already have the "delete & rewrite" feature working.

And ethical problems: edit a popular toot boosted 1 billion times, turn it into crap, the toot keeps its same visibility, and doesn't make sense anymore.

Long toot, edit button in the Fediverse, debat 

@Freakus @Nomaxice @SeleneEllinoth We are dependent on Mastodon development and the ActivityPub format. I understand that being able to edit a toot would be a plus for the Fediverse, but we would have to implement a whole system behind the editing:

defining how long this is allowed, and even that is a big problem: servers with their own implementation could bypass this value. Look at the limit of a toot: 500 here, and it can be much more elsewhere.

Sorry to all those who had problems with account migrations, it is fixed. We had to take a file from the master version of Mastodon, not the one on the specific tag for this version.

The page meow.social/settings/aliases is now working.

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