@IceWolf Actually, indexes are processing. I think tonight it could work. Or tomorrow. Maybe.

@IceWolf Full Text Search yep, meaning that it will be possible to search a word on every toot in this instance

Setting up ElasticSearch for meow ... o/

Meow emails won't be functional for about an hour, the server handling them has an issue that's being worked on.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


@Mycroft The intonation of the voice plays a lot especially. And the context of the text, which I sometimes forget.

Out of the context .. That sometimes means a lot of things.

It's not like I once had a shitstorm in the face when I have writed a tweet something about people living with HIV.
I would not tell the details, but simply, in French, it was not offensive, at all.

But translated into English ... different. Damn.

@Mycroft what brings me up is the context in English, which does not have the same meaning in French.

(Of course I'm not serious, the Nazis are the worst thing that happened in this universe)

ℹ️ Meow will apply a modifications to its rules concerning bots at the end of the week, as per the following:

-Bots should only post in "unlisted", "followers only", or "direct" privacy settings, not public, to keep the local and federated timelines clear and focused on users.

ℹ️ REMINDER : The maintenance will begin in a few minutes.

Meow will be undergoing a large maintenance procedure which will require a full shutdown.

We will proceed to a clean backup, in order to solve the recurring drive issues.

This process will take a while, as meow won't reboot until either the drives are replaced, or meow is moved on a healthy server.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope it will take as little time as possible for everything to be back up and running.

:info: The server performs some maintenance tasks that may affect its latency. We apologize if you encounter any errors or problems during this time.

The duration of these tasks should not last more than a few minutes, an hour at most.

Sorry for inconvenience.

After close to 2 years of meowing on the fediverse, we decided to open donations for meow!
Currently they will be used to pay @Nomaxice for his full time moderation work on meow.
Depending on how things evolve from there, we may dedicate some of the funds to pay for the hosting fees (currently handled by @Tiwy57 )

You can do a one time donation at paypal.me/meowsocial

Or chose to do a recurring donation on liberapay.com/meow.social/

Any donation, no matter how small, is appreciated!

:dark_cat: ℹ️

Meow will be unavailable Sunday 17th of March at 06:00 (am) UTC+1, for a duration of around 30 minutes, due to a maintenance operation by the hosting service requiring the replacement of defective system.

The ETA provided by our provider may be shorter than the actual downtime.

If you have any question, feel free to ask away, we will try to answer ASAP.


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