@mopthelop We have the same shit with French version of facebook and it's even worse

A strange issue during this night.

From midnight until 9:30 today (French time), the server was unavailable because of the Redis server that got corrupted.

No data was lost.

The fediverse should understands now that we are back, everything should gradually become normal!

Sorry if it took a little while. The sysadmin was sleeping ... literally.

Je pense que Google Maps n'aime pas Firefox.

Ou bien Google tout court.
Quoi qu'il en soit, écran noir.
Et forcément sur Chrome, ça fonctionne ...

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@aeris mal clipsées ? J'avais une carte mère un peu tatillon, si y'avait la moindre poussière ou mal branché (même 1mm), BSOD

J'ai dû annuler mon séjour à Paris ce week end.

Merci les gillets jaunes. Pas de Latex ce week end.

@dolfsquare ça me rappelle une image ou on devait trouver une chose compromettantes

We had a backup synchronization problem for 3 days, without detecting it.

We are currently running a complete and healthy backup to avoid a future problem.

No data was lost. i'm going to fix it now.

Vérifiez vos backups. Ça n'arrive pas qu'aux autres.

Putain. Je suis entrain de chialer.

We have a lot of user registration and our instance is suffering from abnormal activity.

meow.social is very slow, the time to absorb this peak of activity. We are sorry for any problems that may occur.

Okay, I never did a . So here is mine.

I'm Julien Nirru, 25 years old.
♂️ , Furry and have many kinks like Rubber and Puppy Play. I am fetishist. I was the 1st runner up of Mister Rubber France 2019.

I am open to everything and I like to discuss. However, English is not my main language (i'm French, blame me), but I try to speak as much as possible. Google Translate is my friend.

I post about everything and nothing.

I'm the first admin and tech of meow.social.


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