Ready for a Ride with The Rocket
(not my bike, i'm a passenger)

🏍️ : Kawasaki Z1000SX

We are no longer considered persons. Just creatures.

Now on

16GB is not enough.
We are preparing the new server for

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle, Antwerp & Darklands 

Because Post Event Depression.

Feeling like empty after this amazing event in Antwerp.

Last week end was the 10th of Leather & Fetish Pride (Darklands) in Antwerp. It was absolutely magical and I still can not believe it's over.

Full of people, all friends, full of fetish, rubber everywhere ...

If you are fetish, this event is just one of the biggest in Europe. May be even the first one.

Je pense que Google Maps n'aime pas Firefox.

Ou bien Google tout court.
Quoi qu'il en soit, écran noir.
Et forcément sur Chrome, ça fonctionne ...

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle 


Yep. Another small solitary pleasure :P


I launched Spotify (without knowing it).
Spotify was connected to Alexa, and therefore my Hi-Fi station.
The sound was fully tuned.
My neighbors have just called me.
There is a party at home. And I'm not here.

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle 

Gear is ready for the Folsom.

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle 

Yesterday, I have received my new Rubber Catsuit, was made to measure. She's just perfect. No fold. All smooth. And shiny.

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle 

A GIF of me, dominating a puppy friend.

Now I'll resume my ironing. It was a hard day for

Fetish Stuff & LifeStyle 

Rubber & Puppy Play is my Fetish Lifestyle.

I just wanted to share it. From now on, I just want to be me.

Before, I separated my accounts, now, I hope to merge all of my three personalities (perso, fetish, pro).

But it's hard ...

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