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Okay, I never did a . So here is mine.

I'm Julien Nirru, 25 years old.
♂️ , Furry and have many kinks like Rubber and Puppy Play. I am fetishist. I was the 1st runner up of Mister Rubber France 2019.

I am open to everything and I like to discuss. However, English is not my main language (i'm French, blame me), but I try to speak as much as possible. Google Translate is my friend.

I post about everything and nothing.

I'm the first admin and tech of


32GB of RAM is just a pleasure, ElasticSearch manages to coexist with Mastodon, and we still have room for more users.

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I redid an optimisation pass on the meow server, but since the server is already hyper fast and the SSD bottleneck has been solved, the maintenance operations at 8am in the morning are now imperceptible.

hel- *sees 14 trillion messages*
... what

Locktober, nsfw 

Anyway, stop talking about my car.

I'm going to do the instead, it might take my mind off it maybe 🔒

Cars are expensive, they don't make any money, they don't increase in value, you put money in just to drive, when it breaks down you pay, and if someone hits you, it's declared a wreck and you have to buy another one.

Truly the scam of the century.

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I have to pay 200€ to change the battery in my car. Well, that's not the problem, I can take them out.

But I'm just fucking fed up with putting money into a car to repair and maintain it, every month.

I also have to change the timing belt this month because it's coming to an end (I'm a big wheeler), and my car is only 4 years old.


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My car hasn't been able to start for two days because the battery is dead. Until then I used an external battery (booster), but today the battery is so badly damaged that it puts all the electronics even the booster in a lateral safety position.

I can only start by pushing my car and putting it in first gear. uh.

By the way, did I tell you that the new server already had its backup SSD broken?

The RAID is already degraded 🙃



As meow will be migrated to a more powerful server, it will not be available on the 19th, until the 20th of September, 2020. We apologize for the inconvenience and will do our best to bring things back as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding.

Intel Xeon E3-1245v2 - 4c / 8t 3,4GHz
32GB DDR3 1333 MHz
SoftRaid 4x2To SATA

Maybe meow's new server ? 🤔

What's the dark pattern?
It's taking advantage of a UX flaw to make users look at your product.

Example: use the phone's APIs to wake up the screen.
Consequence? The user will look at the phone. The phone will unlock, since you activated the auto unlock. And this app will open, go to full screen, block inputs, turn the sound up to full volume (whereas you had set it to silent + do not disturb).

Don't be like jean kevin, don't be a big son of a bitch. Respect your customers. Asshole.

I yell every day that the official allergen list does not include "Poultry meat".

Every day I have to check the list of ingredients of what I eat, at best it is indicated, at worst I risk asphyxiation.

Linux, audio, command line, tricks 

I had some problems with Bluetooth under Linux and shutters in the sound (especially when resuming playback)
I solved my problem in three / four commands:

> apt install rtirq-init
> add "threadirqs" to the list of kernel boot parameters
> update-initramfs -u
> update-grub


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