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Okay, I never did a . So here is mine.

I'm Julien Nirru, 25 years old.
♂️ , Furry and have many kinks like Rubber and Puppy Play. I am fetishist. I was the 1st runner up of Mister Rubber France 2019.

I am open to everything and I like to discuss. However, English is not my main language (i'm French, blame me), but I try to speak as much as possible. Google Translate is my friend.

I post about everything and nothing.

I'm the first admin and tech of


Donc le serveur a décidé tranquilou de se faire sa petite synchro RAID, comme ça.

En faisant planter tout les services, au passage.

Bien, bien.

⚠️ has been the victim of an attack on the second server that takes care of the big part (database, and media).

OVH appears to have mitigated the attack by redirecting it to the mitigation infrastructure. This resulted in "temporarily" cutting the links between the main site (web architecture), and the database (back).

The attack stopped as fast as it came. Everything went back to normal.

forget to migrate the database after an upgrade: check
blame nodejs : check
blame the dog behind his computer : check

16GB is not enough.
We are preparing the new server for

Admin stuff - meow emails problem 

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It's not my week, my servers decided to piss me off.


⚠️ The email server encounters some difficulties in delivering certain emails from certain domains.

It does not seem to affect everyone, but we experience a latency of around 3 seconds to 1 hour.

We are investigating.


I discover things that I myself have already done. I surprise myself every day.

Why Mastodon show me pending follow requests?

My account is not locked.

One day I will understand why this software is weird.

I'm not a bad tech

I just have big fingers

Launching check of RAID, by consciousness.

I promise it's not my fault.

Okay, a little bit. But still!

Setting up ElasticSearch for meow ... o/

Meow emails won't be functional for about an hour, the server handling them has an issue that's being worked on.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


ℹ️ Meow will apply a modifications to its rules concerning bots at the end of the week, as per the following:

-Bots should only post in "unlisted", "followers only", or "direct" privacy settings, not public, to keep the local and federated timelines clear and focused on users.

ℹ️ REMINDER : The maintenance will begin in a few minutes.

Meow will be undergoing a large maintenance procedure which will require a full shutdown.

We will proceed to a clean backup, in order to solve the recurring drive issues.

This process will take a while, as meow won't reboot until either the drives are replaced, or meow is moved on a healthy server.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope it will take as little time as possible for everything to be back up and running.

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