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Okay, I never did a . So here is mine.

I'm Julien Nirru, 25 years old.
♂️ , Furry and have many kinks like Rubber and Puppy Play. I am fetishist. I was the 1st runner up of Mister Rubber France 2019.

I am open to everything and I like to discuss. However, English is not my main language (i'm French, blame me), but I try to speak as much as possible. Google Translate is my friend.

I post about everything and nothing.

I'm the first admin and tech of


Hello, this is day 40496 of the 36th containment decreed in the world.
Welcome to those who join us.

fortunately the rollback is fast, it's functional again.

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Sorry, my mail server is broken, the update procedure failed, I'm in the process of rollback.

The mails have some delay.

32GB of RAM is just a pleasure, ElasticSearch manages to coexist with Mastodon, and we still have room for more users.

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I redid an optimisation pass on the meow server, but since the server is already hyper fast and the SSD bottleneck has been solved, the maintenance operations at 8am in the morning are now imperceptible.

Locktober, nsfw 

Anyway, stop talking about my car.

I'm going to do the instead, it might take my mind off it maybe 🔒

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