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Boost if you want:

– communism
– anarchism
– pictures of your crew, dabbing before a pile of tires on fire
– a demilitarized cyberspace
– a gay sysadmin
– boobs

no one will ever know why you boosted!

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If you read IT as the word "it" with emphasis, instead of "Ai-Tee", then you suddenly sound like you're talking about a scary monster roaming the office.

IT is coming.
IT will fix your issue.
You'll have to visit IT.
IT broke the system.
That's controlled by IT.
Just call IT.

Z-Ram fucking improve RAM usage on meow.social 👌

(Will sure retrying with the Disco mode of my Phillips Hue lights)

I launched Spotify (without knowing it).
Spotify was connected to Alexa, and therefore my Hi-Fi station.
The sound was fully tuned.
My neighbors have just called me.
There is a party at home. And I'm not here.

J'ai 1'000€ à rembourser avant 10 jours

Il me reste 19€ sur mon compte.
Well. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Pfrlfrlfr too many rubber clothes to wash for the Berlin Folsom tomorrow :(

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If you have a Google Home in France, I advise you to switch to "Quebec / Canada" voice language.

The voice is much more funny and natural than the French version.

@tacostea Hello, Your bot is really aggressive at sending notifications every 6 - 8 hours ....

Although I appreciate the reminder, it could be less « brutal ». As a meow.social admin, I allow myself to ban it from my instance.


Old meow.social on Scaleway is gone :D

Now I'll resume my ironing. It was a hard day for meow.social.

:loading: Loading the Federated timeline in progress ...


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