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Julien LeKiwi @Tiwy57@meow.social

I am exasperated by the quality of their service. Sorry but I'm so pissed off.

I just want to tell you that Scaleway is shit.

Due to a problem with one of their routers, the entire server was no longer reachable for approximately one hour.

Fuck you.

⚠️ We will perform an unplanned maintenance in an hour.

Disk becomes full and it's time to move medias files to another disk.

Seriously think to move to another server ... :-(

We’d like to announce that we’re suspending pleroma.rareome.ga for not respecting our rules, the standard Mastodon code by explicitly not accept block (This makes it possible to see the toots of a blocked user from the pleroma.rareome.ga instance of a meow.social user), and missing rules from their about/more section (ToS section is empty).

ElasticSearch seem enabled. Hmm.

Full Search will be enabled in a moment.


I think now meow.social is GPDR compliant 🤔

Mailserver should be fixed now.

Hey fedi please help a friend of mine @lyze. He's been having an issue with his local timeline not showing all messages, only showing a couple and then only old ones - both on mobile and desktop. He's refreshed, relogged, our admins have tried a bunch of things like restarting the server, no error codes nothing. Nothing has helped

Does anyone on fedi know how to fix this issue?

Leurs sentence est irrévocable

We’d like to announce that we’re suspending switter.at for spam, advertising, and missing rules from their about/more section (we don't consider that having to go through two pages outside of the switter instance to be a proper way to list rules).

We may revoke the suspension if switter admins add the rules to their rules section, and aim to also fix the other issues.

We apologize in advance for the inconvenience switter users that did not participate to the spam & advertising may experience.