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Okay, I never did a . So here is mine.

I'm Julien Nirru, 25 years old.
♂️ , Furry and have many kinks like Rubber and Puppy Play. I am fetishist. I was the 1st runner up of Mister Rubber France 2019.

I am open to everything and I like to discuss. However, English is not my main language (i'm French, blame me), but I try to speak as much as possible. Google Translate is my friend.

I post about everything and nothing.

I'm the first admin and tech of


Votre profession ?
Rebouteux ! C’est moi qui m’occupe du redémarrage des PC et serveurs :)

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Les collègues malades qui viennent au boulot.

Aucune conscience professionnelle.

I have the next Dune script in my head.
Rebuild the planet, resume harvesting, everyone high on space gas. And of course, the sand worms.

My dreams are gold. I'm fucking loving my brain.

payé au lance pierre à faire un taf d'électricien à câbler une armoire réseau alors que sur mon diplôme y'a marqué "Développeur WEB"


Meow restarted. Sorry if this takes a little time. I'll analyze the causes of the problem later.

But hey, every human being has the right to rest and vacation.

I love my mum, but she's so fucking annoying when she says

"you won't get your holiday, the 4th wave is coming and we're in the middle of it".


Thank you for your patience, we have had some disruptions due to the restart of the services. But we are back!

We have just migrated to the latest version of Mastodon software! We are now in v3.4.1.

Raccoon is sick, one of the hard drives is at the end of its life, bad sectors are accumulating. :(

it is because of such nonsense and logical concepts that docker was invented.

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The server that does its automatic updates that restart the MySQL server and breaks the database and the config files 🙃

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