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Wickerbeast ref is complete hehe
I ams happ with what I made here

I just saw the typo, "going" is meant to be "getting" :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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it's so much easier to be a horny-cat-boi than it is to face the harsh reality of our world...

It's so easy to look at other's work/life and compare it to your own... even though I know this is a bad idea and that it is a bad comparison, it's easier to just feel bad about myself...

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"sometimes you just need to ignore the fact that you're doing nothing with your life until that fact is no longer fact" - dumb rat (me) 2021

I have discovered a weird sound... I have named it "miscellaneous_sound.wav"

You may use your brain, if you so wish...
This is a miscellaneous sound, that is all I know...

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I swear I'm going gayer and gayer by the day...

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Anyways, new art piece
I decided to see how well my lineless style translated to fullbodies and my am I happily surprised

The fact that I'm interacting with a social media is a testament to my improved emotional energy...

I swear to god, if this changes, I think I'll just *remove* my brain.

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An actual post in I don't know how long. I can't believe how much my art style has grown in this past year. All the friends that were there and helped were also surprised. First ever art piece is obviously the worst one of them all, and now I have three art styles. First/oldest is the headshot that looks completely different from the rest of the art, the other three are current art styles and newer art.

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I swear, the weather has a vendetta against me...
I went to my local part/court to continue trying to understand basketball with my friend(s), but it just HAD TO rain the SECOND we got there. Like, it REALLY poured down. The weather forecast mentioned NOTHING about rain...

What do you call an amputees boyfriend?

Their right-hand man! :blobcatfingergun:

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