Trying out an old out-of-print game on paper to see if I wanna make it for real on a laser engraver. This is No Dice from 1987

When a US game makes won't sell to Europe, you gotta take matters into your own games 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️

Yesterday I acquired an old WWII era French made Kinax camera off of a flea market for an absolute steal!
From what I can tell, it uses standard 120 size rolls, which are still widely available online!

Dog. Ludo/sorry but with cards. It's about as interesting as it sounds tbh

Weekly boardgame night tonight! I cannot contain my excitement!

.... That might be due to the four cups of espresso I've had today.... I'm still excited though!

We should really bring back forenoon as a word. The period between morning and noon, the same way afternoon is the period between noon and evening

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