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go to the thread pinned below on my profile to go see everyone once we're done writing everything down
also hi

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- Taylor, trans black cat and host in name only. She is bored easy and incredibly impulsive. all lowercase unless raising voice.
- Erin, enby porcupine with eis own pronouns (ie/eim/eis/eimself). Cuddly and friendly but has BPD so you know. Is Taylor's closest partner
- Kelera, British housejumping spider. Sarcastic and vulgar to the point Taylor told her to tone it down. She's never proud.
- Casey, trans chicken and vegan best she can do. Absolutely can't eat meat or look at it.

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The snow disappears tomorrow, after we finally have a few centimetres °oOnOo°

food (desserts) 

Making jello.
hm I seem to be the one making the desserts a lot in my system

From YouTube I've heard of an NFT movie where the movie maker can't even spell, and all the animation is tweened screenshots.

What's the point of notification settings if they are completely ignored by the look of it

spiral (mh) 


system issue 

is someone there? it's gone really quiet and it feels empty

eye horror, idk what this is and i'm kind of freaked out myself 

that's most of it that's most of the concept i said people had done this already when talking on a different platform the drilling is quieter now i have the gist out here

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eye horror, idk what this is and i'm kind of freaked out myself 

alien world creators who form planets with ease, and they form many. these worlds are mostly all dead. these dead worlds, and the worlds that are pretty but don't have much special on them are things they only occasionally look at, like art pieces. then one creates earth i guess. earth starts out as one that's rarely looked at, until earth starts putting things on other planets far away and draws attention to itself for that.

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eye horror, idk what this is and i'm kind of freaked out myself 

i don't know what this is or why i'm unable to get it out of my head or why there's the urge to fill out everything i can about it

oh fun, i can't type on any of windows' text boxes and i can't open any of their menus


well, i just witnessed a comment where someone said fucking jimi hendrix was an unimpressive guitar player and that he's only famous because he was poc.
yeah maybe if you use your fucking eyes you'll be able to see the videos where he's playing the guitar upside-down, which requires incredibly difficult finger positioning, and all while playing at the speed he did


i sautéed a carrot, a bell pepper, and an onion; i was told it was good :)

song called "fuck you rolling stones" and it plays the strings that lost the verve their royalties for 20 or so seconds, and then switches entirely with the rest of the instruments kicking in with lyrics about money and greed

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