Crypto scam tried contacting me and I just blocked them without a word 🐔


ok today i feel really sick too
can't eat- tried and now i'm trying to not throw up

garbage food 

probably tastes like pure sugar like the other time i had some british chocolate

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garbage food 

internet person: the fact that people don't know colin the caterpillar cake makes me sad
me: i don't know what it is...?
*i look it up*
me: oh so it's a shit british cake

cool i spent three hours fighting against windows bullshit just to get a flashdrive to have a ubuntu boot that just boots into the existing windows install

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talk of being attacked 

i had a dream where some humans attacked me out of the blue

i suddenly find myself unable to speak, unexpectedly

the shower drain is clogged with hair, or at least was ugh

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