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go to the thread pinned below on my profile to go see everyone once we're done writing everything down
also hi

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- Taylor, trans black cat and host in name only. She is bored easy and incredibly impulsive. all lowercase unless raising voice.
- Erin, enby porcupine with eis own pronouns (ie/eim/eis/eimself). Cuddly and friendly but has BPD so you know. Is Taylor's closest partner
- Kelera, British housejumping spider. Sarcastic and vulgar to the point Taylor told her to tone it down. She's never proud.
- Casey, trans chicken and vegan best she can do. Absolutely can't eat meat or look at it.

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just saw a game say we don't have enough disk space to install updates when it's 10.6 GB out of the 446 GB we have free??

hornet? flying thing 

oh fuck saw something buzzing in the cupboard and lost where it is now

now i'm walking back with six items in my arms because i bought food on impulse

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razor ad: smooth, silky, painless shave!
use: ow. ow. ow. ow. Ow! ow. ow. ow. Fuck-! Ow. ow...

we just saw a Russian vehicle on a car lot and it's hilarious how out of place it looked

indonesiapol, homophobia 

my partner has described her government's plans to "make gay people illegal" and I'm trying to think of what to do here I have no functional ideas

bro weird al biopic a 100% serious and legit movie

living situation 

well, the house is being sold- my landlord is retiring from the business, I'm assuming after the two week long back and forth trying to get any information from his insurance.

dream with mild body horror? 

in my dream about talking with an 11 year old about "fiat parents" the kid from the dream had anime style facial proportions but looked realistic texture-wise. wow it's weird the things that you don't think of as weird in dreams until you stop and think specifically about something.

had a dream where i was talking with an eleven year old. they said something about "fiat parents" i don't remember

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