FOSS question 

Does anyone know if there's a LineageOS-equivalent for Android TVs?

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re: FOSS question 

@The1AndMany Unlikely as the Android TV "stuff" was pretty much taken to the slaughter house years ago.

Most things these days are running a tweaked Android UI at the core...

That said: if you can get your hands on an OSS drop from the TV manufacturer you can likely build out an AOSP style ROM given some time, patience and frustrations.

@The1AndMany umm I think almost all in android TV is privative and not shared. In fact, the protocol of casting (the button for casting in yt and Netflix) are privative and every device need a key.

re: FOSS question 

@The1AndMany There is (or was?) a LineageOS-build for the Nvidia Shield: So I think LineageOS is the main game in town, and it may depend which particular AndroidTV device you're dealing with.
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