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new intro thread! 

Hello there!

We are Rez. We are a plural system with four known components.

Samuel: Human, he/him. Gay. πŸŽ‚ Feb 1

Logan: Anthro fox, they/them (he/him ok). Gray-ace. πŸŽ‚ Jan 20

Max: Human child, he/him. Too young for sexuality/closet gay, depending on age. πŸŽ‚ Feb 22

Q: Ruby dragon, it/its. Not sure yet. πŸŽ‚ Apr 22

We tend to get along with each other, and we try to get along with most others!

(More info in thread)

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New pinned post!

If I'm posting about negative stuff, please don't click like. If you want to show solidarity, reply.

Please be aware that if we haven't interacted much yet, I may not respond. But I always appreciate the sentiment. :ms_orange_heart: ❀️

Similarly, please don't boost my negative posts. If they're boostable, it's probably a mistake on my part.

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PSA: Help protect your followers from FOMO! CW your con posts.

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nostalgia, thank you, possibly a bit sappy, mh (+) 

Huh. It looks like I made my original refsheet 6 years ago in October. My, how time flies.

I guess I should probably thank the community at large really quick. I've bounced around different sites, and I probably will continue to do so, but everyone I've encountered along the way has been super kind and made me feel comfortable with who I am, which I really needed back when I made this.


Thank you. 🧑

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If I've been inactive on here, it's not because I've left. I may be lurking, or I may be taking a break. If it is a break, I can't really say when I'll be back.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

software gore 

*sends DM*

Timestamp: Sent 2 minutes ago

Logan's current form 

Basically Rimuru Tempest's slime form.

It's a long story.


Holy shit.

This is... different.

This changes things.

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AI Dungeon 

Was told by the king & queen that their son, whom I've never met, "likes me," and boy they really went all-out on this clarification.

> You say "May I ask, o king, in what way your son likes me?"
"You may ask."
"How does your son like me?" you ask, a little desperately.
The king laughs again.
"Our son likes you as in he wants you to be his husband. He is waiting for you in the great hall."
The king looks at you with pity.
"I'm sorry," he says.

plural musings 

Each headmate in a particular system is, on the most basic level, a pseudorandom firing of neurons that has gained self-awareness and an identity.

The only real difference between any two headmates in the same system is in that self-awareness and identity.

Same physical body, same brain, possibly even same neurons.

You aren't that different from those other voices.

So please: Celebrate both your shared traits, and your differences.

And revel in the beauty of the sapient mind.



This batch turned out alright, I think. Cooked thoroughly, even if I did slightly burn a cake or two. I'll have to see whether I can manipulate the pattern. I suspect it's all in the pour...


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Tried my hand at pancakes. Last time they turned out weird because we didn't have enough milk and had to sub in water. This time they turned out lovely. Also getting better at larger sizes, so they're stackable now!

There's a rather interesting effect where it browns up in swirls or rings. I think I like it aesthetically. Gonna have to see how they taste.

γ„γŸγ γγΎγ™οΌ


*searches for "foo" to get a boilerplate URL for a search function*

First page results:
9 results: Foo Fighters
2 results: Little Bunny Foo Foo
1 result: Foo by Asif Akbar (foreign music video)

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foss, invidious, PSA 

The flagship Invidious instance,, is shutting down on September 1st. If you're registered, you have about a month to export your data and migrate to another instance.

mockbusters, someone talk us out of this 

Dangerously tempted to buy Little and Big Monsters and What's Up just to see how bad they are.

I mean, we know they're really bad. But we're way too curious.

Hmm... Maybe once we get that self-hosted streaming server set up, we could do a fedi movie night and riff on it? Sorta an MST3K deal, but way more improvised?

(Q: Seriously, someone talk us out of this.)

foss, invidious, PSA 

The flagship Invidious instance,, is shutting down on September 1st. If you're registered, you have about a month to export your data and migrate to another instance.

space force 

OH GOD, we just saw an ad for the US Space Force and we thought it was a slightly-too-patriotic NASA commercial until the ident at the end.

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ph(-), acne 

Fuck adult acne. Our forehead is like the fucking ring of fire.

mh(+), kinda wholesome, subtoot 

Sent a WIP of a Minecraft skin I'm helping make for another plural system. They showed someone else who really liked the facescreen design and said they may need to copy it. Decided to send the current WIP for them to tweak how they like.

Having your art recognized as good and helping someone adapt it for their own use is a really specific but good mood to be in right before bed.



cursed emoji idea 

Blobmoji, but with skin tone modifiers.

lewd shitpost 

A party game where you stick the end of a fox's spinal column just above his prolapsed cream pie.

Pin the tail on the whore.

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Man, if we can ever get society to accept plurality as an actual thing that exists and plural creatures should be treated as /actual people/, voting is going to be an absolute mess.

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weed, not even a joke 

Making cannabis tinctures is so easy once you have all the equipment that we were able to walk someone through the process last night while we were still coming down from dosing off our own batch earlier that afternoon.

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