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If I've been inactive on here, it's not because I've left. I may be lurking, or I may be taking a break. If it is a break, I can't really say when I'll be back.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

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Quick hashtag list of things I'm currently into so I can pin it to my profile Show more

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Update: Turns out it wasn't that bad. Won't post the specifics here because it's super personal, but she did have good reason to freak out a little.

You know something's up when your mom texts you "I'm freaking out" with no context while you're asleep.

referral link to a throwaway debit card generator called "Privacy", gets us both $5 Show more

If you're interested in playing the Mastodon Dungeons and Dragons Game, Please join the Mastodon and Monsters Discord

Content coming soon. I kinda wanna see how many people would actually wanna play. If you're down boost this so more people can join!

Fur Squared and ANE are coming up, so here's your friendly reminder to CW your con posts so that people who couldn't go don't get too bummed out.

Please boost for visibility.

Feel like I posted this before, but here goes: Show more

Got my Raspberry Pi yesterday. Spent this morning getting it set up. At this point, all I need to do now is set up remote access and https. Busy with school stuff for a bit, so probably won't get a chance to finish that up until the weekend. Even so, it's nice to be so close to being done with set up and able to move on to migration.

Is anyone else having problems with their timelines not updating on web without a refresh?

Mozilla's IRL podcast did an episode on decentralization, and (naturally) they discussed Mastodon first and interviewed @Gargron for it.

loneliness, how to get better, YouTube link Show more

I like how the English subtitles have a ghost emoji at the end.

PinocchioP - Ghosts Play to the Audience

Adding "website for a specific brand of popcorn" to the list of things I wasn't aware existed and somewhat confuse me now that I am aware.

Which do you think is worse?

Having to pay a subscription to play Switch games online


Having to pay $50 for a Mew

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One of the more petty reasons I'm switching to a self-hosted cloud storage solution Show more



let it all out

these are the boops
i cant do without
come on

im rawring at you
come on

mh (-), joking to try and numb the pain Show more

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