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new intro thread! 

Hello there!

We are Rez. We are a plural system with four known components.

Samuel: Human, he/him. Gay. πŸŽ‚ Feb 1

Logan: Anthro fox, they/them (he/him ok). Gray-ace. πŸŽ‚ Jan 20

Max: Human child, he/him. Too young for sexuality/closet gay, depending on age. πŸŽ‚ Feb 22

Q: Ruby dragon, it/its. Not sure yet. πŸŽ‚ Apr 22

We tend to get along with each other, and we try to get along with most others!

(More info in thread)

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New pinned post!

If I'm posting about negative stuff, please don't click like. If you want to show solidarity, reply.

Please be aware that if we haven't interacted much yet, I may not respond. But I always appreciate the sentiment. :ms_orange_heart: ❀️

Similarly, please don't boost my negative posts. If they're boostable, it's probably a mistake on my part.

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PSA: Help protect your followers from FOMO! CW your con posts.

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nostalgia, thank you, possibly a bit sappy, mh (+) 

Huh. It looks like I made my original refsheet 6 years ago in October. My, how time flies.

I guess I should probably thank the community at large really quick. I've bounced around different sites, and I probably will continue to do so, but everyone I've encountered along the way has been super kind and made me feel comfortable with who I am, which I really needed back when I made this.


Thank you. 🧑

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If I've been inactive on here, it's not because I've left. I may be lurking, or I may be taking a break. If it is a break, I can't really say when I'll be back.

Don't worry about me. I'll be fine.

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a small-statured person coming out plural 

"Mum, Dad, I'm we"

"Ya sure are. Reckon you get it from your mother's side of the family, a lot of them were pretty small"

plural stuff 

We have a newfound respect for homeless people arguing with seemingly no one.

...but we're still gonna keep our distance...

really weirdly specific nostalgia posting 

Y'all remember that time on iCarly where they got blackmailed by their teacher to let her play her bagpipes on the stream?

As we recall, she was playing an original song called "Haggis in Moonlight" that was really just Scotland the Brave. People started clicking off until Carly and crew snuck in a green screen and started messing with the background.

That was a weird show (not just episode), and yet I feel like it captures streaming culture perfectly.

mtg, gratuitous mawposting 

Wizards, you have no idea what you're doing to certain creatures with that art...

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mh meta 

just because I don't discuss a thing doesn't mean I don't care about it

some of the most intense feelings or important philosophies are ones I'm too scared to discuss

don't mistake silence for apathy or deliberate compliance


I think I'm gonna go through our paper MTG collection and try to get it all into one database. Probably gonna take more than one sitting, but I'm down to at least start right now!


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re: plural stuff, nothing 

Well, I mean, technically, that's not a lie...

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plural stuff, nothing 

"Hey, can we get a setting on your website to change 'My Stuff' to 'Our Stuff'?"

"Sharing your account?"

"Um... yeah, sure."

subtooting ourselves 

The *other* redraft beasts hunger...

Happy Pride Month! 

Sincerely, a plural system consisting of a gay guy, a non-binary gray-asexual fox, an agender crystal dragon, and a kid who doesn't always understand all this but likes the rainbows anyway.


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plural stuff 

Logan: Wouldn't it be great if some already-famous celebrity came out as plural?

A headmate from another system: Yeah, that would be cool.

Logan: Who would you want to come out like that?

Them: ...Gordon Ramsey.

Them: Sorry, that's a bit out there.

Logan: No, no, it actually would explain a lot.

plural stuff (++), subtoot 

Spend a good chunk of today in another system's headspace via RP. Started out just chilling with one creature as the others did their own thing. Then we talked with other system members over a tuna dinner. It certainly was an interesting experience! Kinda hoping we get to do it again sometime! Or maybe invite someone else into ours once we solidify the details, who knows?

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furries: how does your character drink

plural stuff, kinda meta?, subtoot 

Man, getting to know another plural system is a really weird experience. Is this how it feels for others when they interact with us?

mtg question, :boost_ok: 

Considering getting a account. We have 3 different collections, one for paper, one for online (currently just the starter cards), and one for arena. Does deckbox have some way to keep these separate? If not, would they be cool with us creating multiple accounts?

mtg card text, japanese 

Huh. Interesting that we're able to notice that.

Drowned Secrets

English: Whenever you cast a blue spell, target player puts the top two cards of their library into their graveyard.

Literal Japanese backtranslation: Whenever you cast a blue spell, choose a player. That player puts the top two cards of their own library into their graveyard.

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