re: open for terrifying october post, cognitohazard 

@ben @violet @flussence it's memtest86 time

@halcy for the record it's btoa() because naming functions was not JavaScript's strong point

(It stands for Binary TO Ascii and the reverse is, of course, atob() )

Today I have been feeling Relentlessly Gay

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if you have multiple fursonas and they aren't kissing what's even the point

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@toydragon Hardware acceleration of VMs means it's more tightly coupled than you think

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oh so when my dnd character recklessly rushes into danger and stubbornly faces certain defeat its "heroic" but when i do it its "self-sabotaging" and "i've got a problem"

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work stuff, -ish 

@DarkOverord what are they gonna do if you don't show up? Fire you?

@Vordus Also Griffonrook Run. Also the Chalice of Tears but that's kinda expected

Re: selfie, nude peen and butt ass 3/3 

@EvilBobarino butt ass is my favourite kind of ass. Also hot

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do “xe” and “ze” have any difference in pronunciation

@ymd throw telomerase at it and see what happens

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