Meta: how I use CWs in replies 

When I'm replying to a CW'd toot, I'll do one of three things.

If I feel the CW also applies to my toot (my toot includes the same trigger or falls under the same topic), I'd leave the original CW intact.

If not, e.g. the toot was a selfie with CW "eye contact" and my reply is text only, then I'd prefix the CW e.g. "Re: eye contact". However if I feel my toot does include a trigger I'd format it "trigger; re: eye contact".

Meta: how I use CWs in replies 

A good example of this is if I'm replying with internet hugs in response to a "mh-" toot; leaving the original CW intact would be detrimental as my reply is, if anything, positive and I don't want to give the impression that I'm replying with more of the same. Stripping the CW completely feels wrong too. However a CW of "hugs; re: mh-" is unambiguous and, as all good CWs should do, tells you exactly what to expect.

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