I've been warming myself up to hex-editing and tinkering with PS1 stuff, because I'm a big gay dork who can't leave an idea alone!!

I'd honestly love to learn how to read actual PS1 file formats for a few games. It's such an involved process though - developers kept rolling their own tools and headers, so almost everything has to be approached on a game-by-game basis. There's no "one size fits all" solution for converting PS1 images/models.

There's also the whole issue of like... even if I *could* figure out how a file format is structured, I'd still have to learn how to program a tool (outside of Unity/Gamemaker) that could actually convert PS1 files into PC-readable formats.

Still tempted though. Maybe just pick away at it on the side.

[accidentally figures out the first few steps of reading a PS1 texture format from some obscure game] Oh okay, well fuck me then.

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