There are two unwritten rules. Every man knows them instinctively, yet many other genders are oblivious to them. They are:

- Do not speak to, or acknowledge anyone else in the men's toilets.

- If it is possible to do so, always leave at least one empty stall/urinal between yourself and an occupied one.

These rules are almost universally recognised and followed, with the exception of drunk men in bar toilets because at that point nobody cares anymore.

@TerrorBite I think the empty space thing miiight be an extension of other seating personal-space rules? Like in a sparse movie theater, you don't go right up and sit next to someone else. But I'm just speculating, and could be completely wrong.

I never really thought about the unspoken rules, just knew them instinctively like you said. :3 Thanks for pointing them out!

@IceWolf what I found most interesting is that I spoke to some female friends and discovered that they'll take adjacent stalls so they can hold a conversation, and that kind of behaviour is apparently the norm in the ladies'. It's two different worlds.

@IceWolf both me and them were surprised to learn how it was in the other room.

@TerrorBite Huh! That'd make me /very/ uncomfortable. (:

@IceWolf @TerrorBite I've had experiences where sales people /narcissists will loudly continue phone conversations while in/using the restroom and it upsets me greatly everytime it happened 😨

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